Short Run Catalog Printing

Short Run Catalog Printing

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Importance of Catalog Printing

Importance of Catalog Printing

There are very few ways to maximize ROI that work as well as direct mail marketing with catalogs. If your company has enough resources to get involved, it’s a wise decision to consider the importance of catalog printing for certain products and services. PrintFirm gives you quality catalog printing results at a low cost.

One of the first things to decide is if you want short run catalog printing or business catalog printing. Short run catalog printing is ideal for trade shows and clients. Plus the print turnaround is fast. If your short run catalog design is ready to print by 10am PST, your order is shipped the next day with PrintFirm’s rush shipping option. Short run catalogs are not a good vehicle for direct mail marketing because the available order quantities are typically too small. PrintFirm’s short run catalog order quantities range from 25-200, and we use digital printing to allow for greater printing speed. With orders above 200 pieces, it makes more economic sense for your organization to choose offset printing. PrintFirm has a state-of-the-art offset printer for larger quantity business catalogs.

There are other factors involved that are relevant to the importance of catalog printing. The results of a direct mail marketing campaign that uses catalogs are generally much easier to track than television or print advertising. When you include your best offers in the catalogs, there is a clear call to action that invites the catalog recipient to make a purchase or get placed on a mailing list. The genius of asking for potential customers to join a mailing list is that you transform the dynamic from a catalog that might be viewed as junk mail in the future into a dynamic where the catalog recipient is expecting and anticipating your next catalog.

While your company may believe that the Internet will bring the vast majority of sales, there are still plenty of people who do not use the Internet on a frequent basis. Some don’t go online at all. This is not the case with all companies, especially those that sell products or services that are Internet are computer-related, but it is often the case with other types of companies.  Therefore, giving your current or potential customers non-Internet order options is a good idea. A catalog gives them those options, and for people who rarely or never shop at retail locations, catalogs can give your retail business a boost.

These days, niche catalogs are the way to go when marketing products or services. There are very few successful general merchandise catalogs left that are significantly profitable, and typically these are all owned by huge established companies that have a long history of designing those catalogs. Examples of niche catalogs include companies that sell sportswear, lingerie, camping equipment, and high-end audio equipment.

PrintFirm gives you catalog printing on quality materials so that your niche product or service catalog looks as good as possible. We give you a choice of paper cover options. Using our 14 point card stock gives you a thick, durable cover that will last longer on a current or potential customer’s coffee table. A shiny UV coating on that 14 point cover adds protection from dirt and moisture, and protection from occasional coffee droplets. A matte finish is also available for this card stock cover. Do you want to save money or create a lighter catalog that some customer types prefer? PrintFirm can print your catalog using thin 100 lb. gloss paper, the same material that our interior catalog pages are made from. This 100 lb. paper has good strength, considering how thin it is.

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