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Catalog Printing and Design Software

Using a Printing Company for Catalog Printing and Design Software

When it comes to printing catalogs, there are a variety of high-end design software options on the market which you can purchase to fully customize your catalog and then bring it to a printing company to have it printed exactly to your specifications. A lot of thought has to go into the design and materials used in the catalog; after all, an attractive glossy catalog with full-color pictures and detailed information about your products is going to sell more merchandise than a black and white flimsy paper catalog. Everything from the layout to the font sizes has to be carefully chosen in order to give off the right message and encourage potential customers to buy from you.

Other Uses for Catalogs

Some marketers find it helpful to use catalogs to promote content to specific members of your target market, to tie in with a new campaign, or to drive traffic to their ecommerce stores. At times you may want to design the catalog without pricing information to create a mystique around your brand.

Designing Your Own Catalog With Professional Design Software

Creating a catalog can be achieved through using graphics software, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, to customize your pictures and text. Once you finalize the elements, then you can put those images into a layout program, i.e. InDesign, which was created specifically to help designers organize catalogs. After you figure out the layout that you would like to use, you can easily piece the catalog together until you have an entire booklet's worth of pages. At that point, all you have to do is have the catalog printed. While you could print the catalog yourself, you will get a much better looking final product if you take your images to our commercial printing company and have us do it for you.

Finding the Perfect Printing Company for Your Specific Needs

You can search around for different printing companies either online or in your area, but the great thing about printing is that you do not have to be anywhere near a physical location to get it done. Find the best printing company in the world for your specific needs whether they are located in California or New York and get your catalog printing and digital software handled by a professional who has been assisting companies and individuals alike with their catalogs.

Catalog Design and Printing
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Short Run Booklets

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