Folded Hang Tags


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Folded Hang Tag Printing

• Thick Premium 14 pt. Cardstock Paper
• Super Thick Premium 16 pt. Cardstock Paper
• High Definition Full Color Printing
• Options for Hole Punch or Butter Fly Die
• 1/8th Inch Radius or 1/4th Inch Radius Round Corners
• Rush, Standard & Economy Turnarounds

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  • Folded Hang Tag Printing
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  • With folded hang tags, you can give your products an extra marketing boost. Providing your products with folded hang tags, your products will be able to inform customers of all their great benefits. They can sell themselves by pointing out features that a customer might have overlooked.

    Our hang tags are printed in full color. We use premium card stock with the choice of a UV coating on one or both sides of your hang tags. Or you can choose a matte finish for a more sleek appeal. Add a UV coating to give your hang tag a high gloss finish and extra protection from scratches and dirt.

    Use folded hang tags and give your customers something to talk about. Let Printfirm, Inc. handle all your printing needs. We are here to help make your job easier. You can contact us, by phone 866-668-5152, or if you like doing things face-to-face come on by and see us at 21333 Deering Court, Canoga Park, CA 91304.

  • PrintFirm’s folded hang tags have six available sizes ranging from 4” X 7” to 5” X 9”. Folded hang tag printing can be on the front or both sides. In order to allow for a more attractive fold, these tags are mechanically scored, which means that a crease is created. You receive a top center hole punch option or a top center butterfly punch that gives the product better placement for some retail product hook layouts. UV coating that offers protection from dirt and moisture and rounded corners are also available.

    These folded hang tag printing tips should help you achieve success with your hang tag campaign.

    1. Convert it!
      If you have any images that use RGB color, be certain to convert them to CMYK before proceeding with folded hang tag printing. Since RGB is an additive color system and CMYK is a subtractive one, color differences may occur during the transition. If you convert to CMYK while using a good graphic design program, you can be certain the colors will be exactly how you desire.
    2. Resolution matters
      Use high-resolution images for folded hang tag printing. PrintFirm recommends a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch). Lower resolutions may look fine on your screen, but the printed result will be a fuzzy or pixelated mess. Use caution when adapting images found online because they are typically low resolution. To check the DPI of a graphics file, open it in a reputable graphic design program and view the file details.
    3. Bulk for the win!
      Try to order as many folded hang tags as possible. One large order is a better financial decision than several smaller orders. Offset printers such as PrintFirm require initial resources to setup each print job, but once the design is loaded into the printing machine, the cost per copy decreases as the number of copies increases.
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