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  • PrintFirm can help you achieve your yard sign printing goals at a reasonable price. Before you move forward with yard sign printing, consider your viewers and location and then craft a message that appeals to them. Political candidate ads and real estate ads are some of the most popular yard sign applications. Other ideas include ads designed with homeowners in mind such as ads about landscaping and interior design. Most yard signs are placed in residential areas.

    Our yard signs are made from 4-millimeter Coroplast PVC, a type of plastic that is durable and weather resistant. The following three sizes are available: 12” X 18”, 18” X 24”, and 24” X 36”. You have the option of yard sign printing on the front only or front and back. Available finishes include glossy and matte. Rush ordering is possible with a one-day print turnaround. Each yard sign comes with a handy metal stake for planting in the ground.

    It is wise to check the zoning regulations in your area before placing any yard signs. Yard signs are allowed by zoning laws in many areas, but certain subjects and locations are not allowed.

    With yard sign printing at PrintFirm, you can design the sign yourself and upload it to our website, along with any artwork, photos, and text. We accept popular graphic design file formats such as PDF, AI, JPEG, and TIFF. If you don’t know anyone who is skilled enough in graphic design, you can ask our team of graphic artists to design the yard sign. From the product page, select “custom design service” and follow the prompts. If you want to verify the design right before it is loaded into the machine for yard sign printing, you can choose electronic proofing from the product drop-down menu. PrintFirm will send you a PDF file showing the graphics and crop lines.

    PrintFirm recommends that you use large fonts that are not overly fancy for yard sign printing.  Vehicle passengers will only see your sign for a few seconds. Therefore, your signs need to be easy to read. Cluttering the design of your yard sign is not wise either. Too much text or graphics can reduce sign readability and create the impression of an unprofessional design. If you want to add more text than will comfortably fit on a smaller yard sign, or you want to enlarge the fonts more than would be appropriate for the size, your best bet is to select a larger size from PrintFirm’s website.

    We ask that you use artwork or photos with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch). Lower resolutions may look okay on your screen, but once they are printed out, the result will probably be a fuzzy mess. Images found on the internet are typically low resolution, so use caution when adapting those. To check the DPI of an image, load it into a reputable graphic design program and make a note of the file details.

    Please consider PrintFirm for all your yard sign printing needs. We produce quality at a reasonable cost.

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