Funny Brochures

Adding humor to brochures can be a great way to increase brochure retention. Before you design your next brochure and upload the design to a brochure printing company, you may want to consider using comedic elements. Just be certain your brochure recipients are likely to get the joke. Age, cultural background, and other demographic factors play a role in what people consider as funny. The following 10 brochures achieve comedy on purpose, or in an unintentional way.

Do it in a Hummer

funny brochures

Funny/Interesting Travel Brochure

Funniest shit ever in a brochure for "Thr Shaver Shop", for those who need instructions LMAO!

So, I Went To The Bank

Yakov Smirnoff brochure, MO

September - December 2010 Season Brochure

Letterkenny Comedy Festival Brochure

Sorry Furby.