Creative Ways to Promote a Golf Course

Both public and private golf courses have continued to thrive in the rejuvenated economy, and country, with growing membership and player numbers in many places. Thousands of dollars and man hours will be spent each season to upgrade and maintain golf courses to cater to amateur players across the country. While golf may be a sport of leisure, promoting a course to increase membership and tee time reservations requires serious hustle.

There are plenty of creative ways that you can promote a golf course, Creative Golf Course Marketingbut many places avoid stepping outside the norm. Golf is a relatively easy difficult sport to start, but very difficult to master – which should be a marketer’s dream. If you can get find creative ways to promote your golf course to get new players on the greens, you have the opportunity to turn them into a client for life!

Like any industry, it’s important to know who your are trying to promote your golf course to. Times have changed, and many younger people are playing golf than ever before, so it’s important to include a strategy for both young new players, and the “old pros” in your golf course marketing plan.

For New Players and Old Pros

Many smaller courses don’t have their own restaurant or bar – which puts them at an advantage for reaching out to the community. One creative way to promote a golf course is by printing table tent cards with pictures of your fairways, location, hours & contact info. Nearby restaurants will be happy to keep these on their tables and bar tops – the more local golfers, the more repeat customers they get too!

While reaching out will target new golfers, you don’t want to forget about your course regulars either. Have a mailing list? Perfect! Take the time to design and print postcards to mail before the start of your season to bring back your regular clients. They’ll be excited to see the changes and updates you’ve made to the course!

Make Each Season Better than the Last

Whether your golf course is open from Spring to Fall, or lucky enough to be year-round, it’s important to continue making each season better than the last. We offer full service online printing services that can help you bring any creative way to promote a golf course to life. Contact us today to get started on your next project with PrintFirm!