How to Design a Ticket for an Event

Taking care of all of the details for an event can be stressful – from invitations to clean up and everything in between.  Some details are more important than others, and it’s important to give those elements a bit more attention.  The value of a getting well designed tickets printed for your event often extends long beyond the few hours your guests are in attendance.  The design of a ticket for an event needs to be both functional and stylish to make them a success.

Determining how to design a ticket for an event starts with the type of gathering you will be planning.  Be sure to leave room for consecutive numbering to be printed if your event has assigned seating locations for guests. This detail is particularly Event Ticket Printing Designimportant for theatrical plays or concert tickets.  For these types of events, you may also want to consider whether or not there will be a perforation on the ticket before starting the design process.

Not all events require you to include seating location information, but you should be sure to include the other basic information into the ticket design.  This includes the event name location, time & date – and any other key information that is relevant to all ticket holders.  Once you have these basics considered, you can get into the fun aspects of how to design a ticket for an event.

Custom Events Require Custom Tickets

There is no limit when it comes to how you design your custom event ticket.  Add custom images or pictures to your event tickets to make them stand out.  A well designed event ticket can also be a souvenir that people will hold onto for years to come.  For those of you with annual or recurring events, this can be a powerful marketing tool in getting your event to grow over time.

Our customers have the option to choose from glossy or matte cardstock for their custom event ticket printing, which can help personalize your design even further.  If you don’t already have a design for your event ticket, our team can create a custom design for you!  Ordering online is easy, but we’re available over the phone, or via chat for help if you need us too.

The Big Day

Event tickets will get your guests in the door, but there are other custom items you may need to print before as well.  Short run booklet printing with all the event art and information can help give attendees the full experience that you want to deliver.  Many of our customers who design custom tickets also print vinyl banners for their event as well.  Be sure to check our full inventory of promotional print products to see what types of ideas you come up with for your event today!