Make Your Little League Baseball Team Look Pro

Parents and coaches will tell you “it’s just a game” and that winning doesn’t define success for little Little League Banners and Cardsleague baseball teams. We think it’s a bit more than that. That doesn’t mean that we think every play matters, that a team’s win-loss record in little league baseball will determine your child’s path in life or that teenage umpires should be heckled based on a bad call. But we do acknowledge that it’s not “just a game” either.

Little league baseball provides kids with memories that they’ll have for the rest of their life, team work skills, and keeps them physically active. Keeping your kids motivated and engaged with their little league team can be tough, especially if they aren’t the best player on the field or haven’t won a game yet this season. Making a little league baseball team look more professional can help to motivate kids and keep them looking forward to practice and weekly games.

It’s likely that your team already has baseball uniforms, gloves, bats & balls – we want to look beyond the basics. What can you do that will make your home field look more like the pros? What can you do to make your team to feel like all-stars? We can help…

Go for Two With a Team Banner

Printing the name of your little league baseball team on custom vinyl banner can make your players feel more like the pros that they see on TV. If all teams in the league play at one field, you may want to print one banner that has the league name, along with the logos and names of each team. Printing a team banner doesn’t have to just be about motivation though – it can also add revenue for your league!

Running a little league baseball team depends heavily on your budget from player fees, donations and limited advertising payments. When you print a little league baseball banner, you can sell advertising space to local businesses that will benefit from exposure at the game. All little league groups could use more revenue, right?

Heading for Home

Banners are great when you’re at the field, but what about when the team parts ways and goes home? Printing custom baseball cards for kids that look and feel like the ones with their favorite pro players is a great way to keep them in the game long past the last out. You can design and print trading cards for your whole team, or just your star player with PrintFirm. Never designed a baseball card before? Don’t worry, our design team will help from start to finish!