One Stop Shop for Trade Show Printing Needs

Preparing your business for a trade show can be just as important as the time you actually get promoting your company to new potential clients.  It’s likely that you have already started making a trade show checklist in preparation for the event, and it’s likely to include “print products.”  We know that many businesses leave their trade show printing needs until the last minute – when everything else is already crossed off the trade show checklist.  When you’re in a hurry, you need a one stop shop for your trade show printing needs.

Trade Show Printing ProductsJust because you’re in a rush doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get top notch business products for your trade show.  Before you order trade show print products, it’s important to think about exactly what you want to accomplish with each piece.  The most successful businesses know how to use a combination of products to attract people to their trade show booth – and leave them with a takeaway item that will standout long after the event is over.

Grabbing the attention of potential customers at a trade show is much easier for companies that use roll up banners.  Showing a large print image of your product or brand name in full color can make you stand out amongst the sea of booths at a trade show – pulling in the right type of attendee.  The next step is to leave a lasting impression.

Handouts and Giveaways that Last

Standing out on the trade show floor will only get you so far.  You need to make sure that your business continues to standout long after the show is over.  Giving away handouts at trade shows with your brand logo, contact information is the best way to stay in the mind of these potential customers.  Different types of businesses may want to use different types of print products, but there are some that work for any business.

Of course you will need business cards for the trade show – but printing notepads with your business logo and contact information is one of the best ways for you to leave a long lasting impression.  These notepads are likely to be used throughout the day, and end up back on the desk of your potential client for months after the actual event.

You Know Your Customer Best

Certain trade show products will work better for your customers than others.  Sell cookware?  Try magnetic business cards to stay in front of your amateur chef customers.  Are your clients also bookworms?  Order custom bookmarks before the trade show to stay in front of them for chapters to come.  Our one stop shop for trade show printing needs has all the products you need for a successful event that will keep your business growing long after the weekend is over.