3 Dental Marketing Tricks that Actually Work

Nobody wants to go to the dentist. The sticker and pretzel stick is old and ineffective on patients over the age of 8, but you aren’t sure how else to market your dental practice, right? Odds are that you have done some marketing for your dental practice before, but didn’t see the results that you were hoping for.

Just like brushing your teeth, consistency is key. Running a marketing campaign Marketing Tips for Dentistsmonth by month isn’t likely to grow your dental client base – not everyone think’s that they need a dentist today, but at some point, everyone will. By staying in front of your potential clients with a consistent marketing plan for your dental practice, you can become the obvious dentist to call when the time is right.

With years of experience printing promotional products for dentists, we’ve seen how the most successful accomplished their goals of growing their practice. Based on what we’ve learned, our team identified 3 dental marketing tricks that actually work to share with you.

Advertising for Dentists is a lot like Dental Care

While every dental office is different, they do share one thing in common. They all push preventative care, provide emergency repair, and offer general checkups. Your marketing plan should do the same…

  1. Preventative Care = New Client Marketing: You might not have any cavities now, but you should keep brushing every day. The same way that you might not have a shortage of clients right now, but you should keep marketing to the local community. Printing custom color postcards that you mail quarterly to the surrounding area will keep you in front of your target audience year round.
  2. Dental Emergency = Client Engagement: Turning same day emergency appointments into lifelong clients happens all the time. Just because you got them in the door doesn’t mean the job is done. A friendly, knowledgeable staff – along with some pain relief, can go a long way. Be sure that all clients have copies of your business card, along with custom printed brochures that answer common questions related to the reason for their visit.
  3. General Checkups = Checking-In with Current Clients: You encourage clients to come in regularly for checkups, even if they don’t think the need a dentist visit. Sometimes you find small issues before they become big problems. Checking-in with current clients works the same way. Reach ouch with personalized greeting cards to thank them for their loyalty, and they will remain loyal for years to come.

We Want to See Your Smile

Using these 3 dental marketing tricks, you can customize your plan for the upcoming year to fit your current needs. Our website offers tools that allow you to create, customize and perfect all of the promotional products needed to execute your new dental practice marketing strategy. Get started online or contact us today to work with a professional designer.