Our Clever Marketing Play for Cinco de Mayo

This year, Cinco de Mayo falls on 5/5/17. Now, we print promotional business products for clients – we don’t serve margaritas, but that isn’t stopping us from using the holiday to celebrate with a sale. Sometimes you need to get creative when creating a holiday sale for your business – like offering…

5 Products

5 Days

17 % Off

Our 5/5/17 sale starts this week, and just as you could have guessed – we’re celebrating by offering 17% off of 5 of our top products, for the 5 days leading up to Cinco de Mayo!

Business marketers often need to get clever with their holiday sale ideas in order to make their products or services match the theme. Almost all holidays, even when seemingly unrelated to your business, can provide a boost in sales. It’s extremely important to plan your marketing efforts around sale holidays, and to make the most of period when buyers are likely to spend a bit more.

Here’s a helpful calendar that we borrowed from Justuno that highlights all of the 2017 key dates.

Holidays for Sales

Mother’s Day and Beyond

Even if you haven’t started off the year by taking advantages of holidays to boost sales to this point, you still have plenty of time to take advantage of key dates through December. Creating a marketing plan that targets a specific group of holidays each year can help you strategically and predictably grow sales annually.

Once again, we don’t sell products that are traditionally sold to mothers and given as gifts for Mother’s Day (with the exception of our canvas printing, hint hint) – but we do plan on marketing for the holiday. How does “Make Your Mother Proud by Promoting Your Business” sound?

Not all Holiday’s are Equal

You should take advantage of marketing holidays built into your annual calendar, but not all holiday’s will produce the same results. For example, while many businesses thrive on year end holiday sales, ours slow down because most business owners have already printed their products in preparation. Create your business holiday calendar now, and get creative with your promotional sales products this year!