The Best Tax Accountant Marketing Products

Accountants have a tough job during tax season. Deadlines to meet, paperwork to process, clients to bill – money to make! Long hours and weekends at the office leave most CPA’s with little time to focus on much other than tax work and getting some sleep in between. It’s also the best time of year to market your business to make sure that your client base continues to grow tax season after tax season.

Odds are that you only see, or hear from most of your clients when it’s time to file their taxes annually. It can be easy to lose touch with them over the course of the year, and inevitably a few clients seem to disappear without warning each season. You can stay in front of your clients year round using branded marketing products. Some CPA’s fail to go beyond just printing high quality business cards, which are likely to fall out of sight after April 15th.

The best marketing products for tax accounts are useful for their clients, and keep your business name / contact information closeby should they need it at anytime. Including tips about what items can be deducted, reminders about important tax filing dates, and of course your phone number and email address can be a highly effective marketing tool for your accounting business.

Products That Market Year Round

  • Magnetic Postcards: People don’t often toss magnets in the trash  – they stick them to a fridge or filing cabinet, and they stay there for years!Postcard Printing Online
  • Desk Tent Calendars: Promotional calendars are a great way for CPAs to get right in front of their client no matter the time of year. Highlighting certain dates & holidays can be helpful for clients too.Desk Calendar
  • Full Color Notepads: Everyone needs a good notepad on their desk at work. You can remind them about your business – while they write reminders to themselves! We offer 1 – 2 color custom notepads as well.Notepad Printing

Need Help on the Design?

If you don’t already have a design, our team can make suggestions on what would work best – or even design the product for you. We’ll work with your guidance to create an effective marketing product for your accounting firm that will help you stay in front of tax clients years round. We know what works best because we’ve done it for our years of experience working with accountants and other service professionals. Don’t take it from us though – read reviews on our Yelp Page.