Reasons Not to Wrap Your Personal Car for Advertising

There are plenty advantages to using your personal car, or company vehicles to advertise your business. Small local businesses have been marketing their company using cars, trucks and vans as long as they’ve been driving them – but methods have changed over the years. The traditional method of painting a company logo and phone number on the back of a work van have given way to full vehicle wraps used for advertising. This method can work great for some large companies with fleets of business cars, but there are plenty of reasons not to wrap your car for advertising if it’s also your personal vehicle.

If your personal car doubles as your work vehicle, there may be times that you don’t want to be advertising your business too. Weekends, holiday’s, out of state trips – sometimes you just don’t need to be driving around in the company-mobile. With a full vehicle wrap, you’re stuck with the advertising 24/7.

Designing and wrapping your personal car could also end up costing you anywhere between $1500 – $4000. Unless you’re absolutely sure that you want your personal vehicle to advertise your business at all times, and that enough potential customers will see your wrapped car to make it make sense financially, we would suggest seeking other options.

Do Removable Vehicle Magnets Make More Sense?

Of course, you still want to use your vehicle to advertise throughout the Car Magnet vs. Vehicle Wrap for Advertisingwork week – when out on jobs, or at your shop. Wraps aren’t the only option. Car door magnets that you can put on, and remove as needed make more sense for many small business owners that service a local area. Put them on the doors on the when you start your work day, and take them off after getting home.

Printing car door magnets is also much less expensive than advertising with a full vehicle wrap. PrintFirm prices start below $50 per magnet, and vary depending on customization and delivery options. If you plan on using two or more vehicles to advertise your business, you could save thousands of dollars with door magnets when compared to a car wrap.

Either Way, Don’t Forget to Include…

Whether you decide that car door magnets make more sense for your business, or that wrapping vehicles will have more impact – there are a few elements you must remember to include. Be sure to have your company logo, name, phone number, website URL – and address if applicable. It will only be a matter of time before a customer tells you “I saw your car and decided to call…”