Custom Circle Stickers: Where to Stick’em |

Custom Circle Sticker Printing Ideas

Ok, let’s say you’re ready to create your own round stickers. Your designer set you up with amazing artwork, you selected the perfect background color for high contrast, and everything’s configured to the appropriate print specs. Now all that’s missing is the main marketing game plan. In our experiment, we’re going to break down several advertising areas, and show you how to integrate stickers to accomplish your goals.

Stickers For Commercial Branding Campaigns

Just so we’re clear on the terminology, branding refers to identifying a company in a broad sense using the business name, associated symbols i.e. logos, and graphic designs across various media channels. Stickers are ideal for this purpose because you’re basically after impressions instead of instant conversions. If this sounds like a strange goal for a brick and mortar business, remember that impressions will eventually lead to sales (pun heavily intended). Since your goal is to generate awareness, here are some unusual places to put your stickers to quickly increase brand recognition :

  • Envelopes– Can’t afford to design professional letterhead or stationary? No worries—seal your snail mail with stickers!
  • Boxes or Product Packaging – We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating. When you’re shipping items or gift wrapping in-store purchases, include a sticker on the outside for branding with another inside as a fun freebie.
  • Gift Baskets – White collar professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, etc. often send gift baskets as thank yous to new clients. A sticker gives the present a more personal feel. Bonus points for putting your sticker on one of the items, such as a wine bottle.
  • Gift Cards – You’re already selling gift certificates to your customers to buy for themselves or their friends. Show your appreciation for the gesture with a sticker!
  • Email Campaign and Social Media Profiles– This may be beyond those at the startup stage, but don’t forget to synch your online and offline campaigns. After you’ve printed stickers, offer free stickers to your email subscribers for distribution, and incorporate the sticker into your Facebook cover photo, Twitter header, website, etc. You can even make a special board on Pinterest for photos of your stickers in real life settings.

Sticker Campaigns for Personal Branding

Personal branding is a bit different because individuals rarely pass out gift cards good for a $200 photo shoot or private solo concert. Entrepreneurs usually don’t have a lot of boxes to ship or storefront windows to utilize for promotional purposes. Nevertheless, personal brands have plenty of options that play up the networking potential in everyday objects through stickers.

  • Cellphone case – Your cellphone never leaves your sight. Slap a sticker with your company logo on the back of your PDA, and your phone acts as a mini billboard for your brand.
  • Laptop or Tablet – Same principle as above for heavy laptop or tablet users.
  • Car Window– Forget your bumper; go for the element of surprise by decorating your car windows with stickers.
  • Water Bottle/Coffee Cup – Got a reusable water bottle and coffee cup you’re always lugging around? Brand that bad boy!
  • Bicycle Helmet – For outdoor sporting enthusiasts, such as cyclists, skateboarders, rock climbers, snowboarders, etc. your helmet is prime sticker real estate. The same goes for the rest of your equipment; nothing you wear on a regular basis should be off limits.