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Last week we tackled the topic of legal business cards. This time around, we’ve got our eyes set on another group of white collar professionals not known for their collective creativity—physicians. Doctor business cards leave a lot to be desire in terms of presentation. Those working in HMOs probably don’t have the freedom to create a custom design, but anyone in private practice should view business cards as important marketing tools. Most doctors probably won’t feel comfortable incorporating too many graphics, but there are plenty of other elements you can use to your advantage, such as typography. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the term:

“Typography n: 1) The art or process of setting and arranging types and printing from them. 2)The style and appearance of printed matter.”

In a nutshell, typography involves carefully selecting fonts, letter sizes, and text placement/arrangement to enhance visual communication. Naturally, it’s easier to understand these concepts when you see them in action. Instead of simply showing examples, I dug up some free fonts that might help you channel your inner artist.

Doctor Business Card Fonts

All Patched Font for Doctors

All Patched Up

All Patched Up would be a fun choice for orthopedists anyone who practices sports medicine. Remember, the typeface doesn’t have to be central to the design; you have the freedom to use a traditional font for your contact information and reserve this for an associated graphic or tagline.

Anatomic 2 Medical Font

Anatomic 2 Font

Anatomie 2 seems ideal for surgeons, especially those in the plastic surgery sector. Try picking out specific letters and mixing the shapes in with the rest of your copy in a completely legible typeface, such as Veranda.

Doctor Free Medical Font Download

Doctor Font

Ok, this font may be a bit too artsy for those with conventional tastes. The Doctor font appears to be lifted straight from a TV drama. The lowercase letters in particular feel very similar to a signature, which adds a personal touch.

Flatline Font for Medical Professionals

Flatline Font

I can’t image a better font for a cardiologist. The only drawback I can see may stem from negative imagery associated with a heart monitor. Either way, this would work well as part of a larger logo.


Lowvetica Font

If any of the above fonts make you want to crawl out of your lab coat, Lowvetica puts a modern spin on a design classic (Helvetica). It’s a safer than the rest of the fonts on our list as it’s not out of place in contemporary corporate culture.

Paging Design Doctors

Doctors, do you think typography makes a difference or possibly detracts from your professional persona? Designers, have you ever created custom graphics for a medical practitioner? Share your thoughts, tips, and experience in the comments below.