How to Create Personalized Football Trading Cards

You don’t need to be drafted by a professional team with a huge Football Card Printing Servicescontract in order to have your own personalized football trading cards anymore. Anyone can create personalized football trading cards that look and feel just like the ones you can buy with your favorite pro players.

Many people start by finding free football card templates online, and trying to print them out at home. Printing personalized football cards on printer paper just isn’t like having the real thing – the paper isn’t thick enough, two-sided printing doesn’t line up – it’s just not like what you would get out of a pack of cards.

If you want custom football cards printed that you will actually share and trade with friends, you’re going to need to order them online. In order to make your football cards look professional, you will want to make sure that you include key elements that would be seen on a pro’s card.  We’ve made a short checklist of key elements you will want to include on your card.

Custom Football Card Checklist

Football card styles have changed dramatically over the years, but most still include the same elements. Here is a checklist of items you will want to include on yours…

  • Player Name: This one may seem obvious, but it plays a key role in the custom design. Longer names may be difficult to read if positioned next to other card elements. In most cases, this will go along the bottom of the card.
  • Player Number: From Pop Warner to High School and from College to Pro, all football players are assigned a number on their jersey. Make sure to include your player number with your card order details.
  • Player Position: This can be included on the front of the back of your personalized football card.
  • Player Stats: Leading the league in touchdowns? Make sure to include your key stats on the back side of your personalized trading card to make it look official.
  • Player Bio: Tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from, who your favorite players are, and about your football career. This section can be really fun to create!
  • Team Name: Which team do you play for? In many cases, the team name is just as big, or bigger than the player name on the front of the card. In some cases, this may be replaced by the team logo instead.
  • Favorite Colors: Most trading cards have a colored border, or frame around the front, with base colors on the back. Match these with your team colors or pick a few or your favorite to create the best design possible.

Design, Print, Deliver & Share!

We don’t expect you to have to do all of the work yourself. This will require some teamwork – just like a football team needs. With all of the checklist details in place, you can work with our in-house designers to create custom trading cards that will impress your teammates and strike fear in your opponents. Get started with a custom design today!