Boutique Clothing Store Marketing

“Boutique” and “Marketing” don’t naturally fit together. For boutique clothing stores, it can be difficult to find ways to market their wares without ruining the allure of the shop. Market too much, and you will turn customers away because your brand is no longer “cool” and doesn’t make them feel like they are buying something unique that few others can get. When marketing a boutique clothing store, you need to be more creative to find ways to get in front of new potential customers – and bring them back time and time again.

If you have new trendy clothes for sale, they’ll probably sell very well as long as you can get the right customers in the door. But don’t stop there. You need to focus on bringing those paying customers back into your boutique clothing store to shop for a new outfit at least once a season! Sometimes, it’s the small details that keep bringing returning customers back in…

Make them Want to See the Price Tag

If you’re selling one of a kind clothing, it’s likely that the prices in your boutique shop are higher than at the big box stores. In those stores, they just slap an orange price tag sticker on the collar of shirt and assume customers will buy based on the price. For you,Boutique Fashion Hang Tags it’s important to present a higher price with a nicer tag – a custom printed hang tag.

Many of our boutique clothing store clients end up printing custom size hang tags for their shop, because it allows them to be more creative with the design. But the value doesn’t stop at just providing the customer with a better way to view the price of the item. Once the item is purchased, that hang tag will be brought back home with the customer. With strong branding, a good hang tag can help make sure that customer remembers exactly where they purchased their new favorite piece of clothing from.

Branding, Branding, Branding

Many smaller clothing stores like to use full color, high quality custom postcards to drive awareness for their shop. Bold colors and large pattern designs that fit with the look of your store. For example, if your shop has a bright pink sign and blue walls inside, using those same colors on a marketing postcard will help potential customers more easily identify your store.

Have them Tell Their Friends

There is no marketing substitute for referral business. Word of mouth from previous customers will bring you the best type of business you could possibly want. Be sure to remind your existing customers to tell their friends & family members about your boutique clothing store and the clothes that you offer. Odds are, if they love the clothes you sell, they’ve already shared your shop with them!