Print Job Status Phone Call Notifications

Most of our customers that order custom print products online aren’t familiar with the full process that we go through on our end to complete a project. Depending on the type of product a customer ordered, there can be several steps that need to be completed before we can box up the contents and ship them out. In an effort to keep our customers more in the loop on their printing orders, we’ve introduced phone call notifications as an option to improve our service.

Phone Call Notifications for PrintLet’s say that you’re placing an order for event tickets, but don’t yet know how to design a custom event ticket. Our team will collect all of the pertinent information from you to create a ticket design, which will then be sent to you for approval prior to printing. Many times, this proof email gets lost in the shuffle, and takes customers days – even weeks to respond with updates or design approval. This slows down the printing process, and can leave customers unhappy with delayed delivery.

Our new phone call notifications aim to expedite the process. All customers that choose to receive phone notifications will receive calls to remind them when a printing proof is ready for review. From there, you can check your email to make sure you have received the proof, and review our design quickly. We’ll start the printing process as soon as we get your approval.

Do You Want to Make Changes to the Design?

The design team at PrintFirm has an excellent record of getting the design approved on the first pass by our customers. We make sure to listen to all of the details and elements that you want to incorporate into any of our print products, but sometimes there are still changes that you may want to make to the design. Our team is happy to work with you to review and update the design until you are happy with the product and ready to go to print.

We always encourage our customers to double, and triple check all spelling on print products. One wrong keystroke leaving a misspelling on print products can be frustrating, and delay the process of getting the corrected version in place. It’s always a good idea to have at least two people check a print proof, just to be sure.

Learn More about the Paper Printing Product Process

Some of our clients like to learn more about the actual printing process when they place an order with PrintFirm. Our friendly, knowledgeable phone staff can help answer any questions you have about a certain product, the printing process or delivery schedule. Whether you are just starting a new design, or ready to re-order a bulk shipment of business cards, we’re happy to answer any questions you have along the way.