How to Reinvest Your Small Business Tax Refund

Paying quarterlies taxes all year can pay off big when it comes time to get your small business refund. Your accountant should be able to tell you exactly how much you’re owed in your small business tax refund when you file for the year – and we know that for some of you, this amount can be substantial.  Smart business owners who can see the opportunity for annual growth often reinvest this tax refund directly into their company. This extra boost of cash flow can allow you to reinvest in long term business goals that may have gotten lost in the day to day due to budget constraints and other immediate needs.

Rather than reinvesting your small business tax refund into immediate needs such as Google Adwords PPC, or using those resources on finding a new hire to replace a long term employee – using the additional money on branding can have long term benefits for any business. The truth is that your online marketing campaigns could always use more budget, and hiring good talent is always going to be the hardest part of your job – so it’s important to keep this tax refund money separate and use it differently than regular business income.

So, how should you reinvest your small business tax refund then? Printing branded promotional material for your business can go a lot further than you might expect. When is the last time that you printed new business cards? Most likely, it’s been years. They tend to last for a very long time – which is exactly where the value is. Never having to question whether or not you have the essential business products that you need to continue growing is extremely valuable – because not having printed materials ready can cost you big.

Invest Now so That You Can Invest Later, Too

Business events with potential customers & clients can bring about some of the best Business Logo Envelope Printingopportunities for your company to grow. But they can also be expensive to attend. If you’re starting from scratch, adding up to the cost of a booth, printing business brochures, travel expenses, meals & add-ons can quickly total thousands of dollars. With regular cash flow, attending a trade show without a booth might be your only option – but with the correct supplies on hand, you can send your top salespeople to make new connections instead.

Just like your business cards, branded promotional products will last for years, and can be used at a variety of events. Of course, these are just two quick examples of products that you can reinvest your small business tax refund into, but there are many others as well. Don’t plan on moving offices anytime soon – print envelopes with your business logo to have on hand whenever you need to mail leads or customers. Other ideas? Be sure to share them with us!

Turning Your Small Business into a Medium Sized Company

Efficiently reinvesting your tax refund can help you turn your small business into a medium sized company by keeping your branding strategies and marketing tactics one step ahead of your competitors. With printing prices as low as ours, you may still have some extra money for that annual bonus too.