Printed Real Estate Marketing Materials

There is a lot of money to be made in Real Estate, but many seasoned professionals will tell you that the market is getting a bit cluttered. Everyone knows a handful of real estate agents, but few know successful ones who have made an entire career in the industry. Selling houses can look easy to outsiders, but any professional agent knows just how difficult it is to be successful in real estate. It can take hundreds of leads to produce one sale, so staying motivated and continuing to market during downtimes can be difficult to justify – but it needs to be done.

By regularly staying in front of your target home buyers and sellers, you become the obvious go-to real estate agent when it comes time for them to make a move. The truth is that most people aren’t actively looking to buy or sell their house, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be marketing to them. Whether they are moving due to a job change or to be closer to family, you are more likely to get the call if they recognize your name from previous marketing efforts.

The two main targeting factors that you should consider when creating your real estate marketing approach are Income and Location. You need to find clients that make enough annually to afford a mortgage in a relatively local area. Once you identify these elements, the rest of your real estate marketing plan should fall into place.

The Keys to the Castle

Let’s start with location. You already know that you should be marketing to potential sellers at their home residence,Notepad with Company Logo and have likely already used EDDM postcards in target neighborhoods. This common real estate marketing strategy is used so commonly because it works so well. Quarterly mailings with pictures of homes currently for sale, recent sales, your image / logo, name & contact info will go a long way! Take it a step further, and make sure that your target location see’s your info with custom door hangers for realtors once or twice a year as well.

Now let’s look at targeting real estate leads a different way. Where do they work? Come up with a list of the top 10 companies with salaries in your target buyer / seller range, and drop off custom notepads printed with your logo. These notepads are likely to stay on employee desks for years, and the long-term marketing effect will have you selling more homes year after year.

Closing the Deal

You never know when you’re going to get a call from a potential buyer, or run into someone looking to sell at a local restaurant who recognizes you from your marketing efforts. Make sure you’re ready to close the deal by always having your cards on you. We offer business card templates for Remax, Coldwell Banker and other real estate companies – customize and print yours today with PrintFirm!