Marketing Your Band Offline

There was a point in the music industry when bands that had a website and online marketing strategy had the competitive edge. Most bands didn’t have the means to create their own website, or get their songs online for sale – but that has all changed. Now, most bands have websites live before they even release their first record, and their marketing strategy focuses on growing their audiences online. Unfortunately, many of these bands have more talented web developers than lead singers and never connect with their followers online in real life. Marketing your band offline has once again, become one of the more effective strategies in the music industry.

The truth is that most bands make more money off of merch, song licenses, sponsorships and concert tickets than they do off of song sales online. Getting fans out to shows is still extremely important. Building an email list to promote shows is very difficult – handing out printed club flyers with show info is easy, and effective. Handing out flyers outside near the club where the band is playing after other similar shows finish can put your band in front of the right audience – music lovers who attend shows!

Don’t stop with flyers though. Print posters in bulk with a white space included in the design that you can fill in with specific show info – date, time, venue, etc. Hang these in and around the venue to gain exposure to everyone who comes through the venue. These can also be given away as promo items to fans or sold at the merch table once at the show.

Event Night

The band is ready to play, fans ready to dance – it’s show night. Music Band Offline Marketing Print ProductsUnlike digital e-tickets, custom event ticket printing allows bands to use their own design & personalize the fan experience. However your fans get in the door, it’s important to this opportunity to market your band offline the best way you know how. Whether you’re playing to long-time fans who sing along with every song, or trying to win over a new crowd in a city you’ve never played before – the merch table may be more important than the stage.

The obvious item that you need to have on sale at your merch table are copies of your CD. We offer several CD cover printing options that fit any band or artists needs. Make sure everyone who stops by your table gets a free band sticker – this classic offline band marketing technique has helped spread the name & logo of many groups that have gone on to make it big. Don’t forget, you probably still have some of those band flyers that you could sell as well…

Don’t Ditch the Website

Or social medial, or email list or digital downloads. You’re still going to need an online presence – and it should be tied into the items you print as well. Include your Instagram name on the club flyers or website url on the stickers. Just don’t make the mistake of forgetting to market offline entirely as so many new bands have done before disappearing.