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Oval Stickers

Starting From $88.50

Rectangular Stickers
• Elegant yet Durable 70 lb. Label Paper
• Easy Crack-n-Peel Technology
• Super Glossy UV Coating
• Rush, Standard & Economy Turnarounds

Starting From $38.75

Round Stickers
• Elegant yet Durable 70 lb. Label Paper
• Easy Crack-n-Peel Technology
• Super Glossy UV Coated
• Rush, Standard & Economy Turnarounds

Starting From $91.45

The sticker is a versatile product. It can be stuck virtually anywhere, and because of the large number of standard sizes available and the option for rounded and oval stickers, it has many uses. PrintFirm delivers consistent quality with sticker printing.

Our stickers are printed on 70 lb. premium label paper. They have a glossy UV coating that offers protection against dirt and moisture. The rectangular stickers are available in six sizes that range from 2” X 3.5” to 8.5” X 11”. Since the 2” X 3.5” size is identical to the dimensions of a business card, it can be handed out and placed in a wallet. Then the recipients can remove the backing and stick it wherever they want.

PrintFirm’s round stickers have diameters of 2.5” X 2.5” and 3.5” X 3.5”. The oval stickers have measurements of 2.5” X 3” and 3.25” X 7.5”.

You can upload your own design to our website before proceeding with sticker printing. We accept all the popular graphic design file formats such as PDF, AI, and TIFF. We also have pre-made design templates for the stickers that give you a basic graphics background, saving you time during the design process. If nobody in your organization is skilled at graphic design, you can click the “custom design” button when you place your order. PrintFirm’s talented team of graphic artists will create a unique design for you.

We recommend that any uploaded images for sticker printing have a minimum resolution of at least 300 DPI (dots per inch). Lower resolutions may look fine on your computer screen, but the printed result will be a fuzzy mess. Use caution when adapting images found online because they are typically low resolution. To check the DPI of a file, open it in a reputable graphic design program and view the file details.

Crowding your sticker design is never a good idea. Your recipients may have difficulty reading the text on a crowded design and will view the practice as unprofessional. There should be enough whitespace (area without design) to create space between the text and images and to achieve a better visual balance. If you must include more information than will comfortably fit on the design, we recommend selecting a larger sticker size. If you are handing the stickers out as business cards, you can recommend that the larger stickers get placed on larger objects such as notebooks.

Please consider PrintFirm as your one-stop for sticker printing. We believe that quality is just as important as giving discounts for quantity.

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