Print Product Templates

PrintFirm has developed many product templates to make it easy for you to create print-ready files in graphic design programs such as Adobe Acrobat® , Adobe Illustrator®,Adobe InDesign®,Adobe Photoshop®.

Product templates are downloadable files that provide information on layout, product measurements, bleed, mailing information, and folding specifications.

Download the product template from PrintFirm that closely matches your needs, insert your artwork and then upload it to us.

PrintFirm recommends the use of templates when uploading your designs to our website. A correctly filled out template reduces the probability of problems when we print your design, and ensures that your design intent matches the print-ready file that we upload to the printing machine.

Our templates can be sorted by product, file type, and size. The product refers to the specific print medium, such as business cards and postcards. File type is the common graphic file varieties that PrintFirm accepts for file uploads. These file types include PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc. Sorting by size will give you all the template choices for each measurement. For example, our 8.5" by 11" template is used for oversized postcard printing.

We have three tabs on this page. With each tab, there are three steps to reach the template download section. However, each tab uses a different route. The "sort by products" tab starts with the product and then links to sizes which links to file type and then download. "Sort by file type" has a sequence of file type, product, size, and download. "Sort by size" transitions from size to product and then file type before reaching the download section.