Eco-Friendly Printing

Eco-friendly printing

While ensuring high-quality products and brilliant inks, PrintFirm is committed to Eco-Friendly initiatives that support non-profit organizations and environmentally-conscience businesses.

Some of the ways PrintFirm demonstrates its commitment to protecting the environment is by using soy based ink, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and reducing paper waste. Soy based ink is less toxic and easier to deink when recycling. Using soy based inks help keep the VOCs (volatile organic compounds, chemical compounds that evaporate and react to sunlight) well below the regulated standards.

The Eco-Friendly cleaning supplies we use are biodegradable so it can return to the land without poisoning it. The chemicals can touch your skin without causing harm and reduces emissions into the air that cause breathing problems.

In addition to protecting the Earth, it improves the air quality in the offices and print shop, which leads to a healthier environment with reduced absenteeism. Limiting the amount of paper waste also reduces the impact on our environment by reducing paper production.

PrintFirm reduces the amount of waste by maximizing each sheet of paper when laying out jobs, scraps are recycled and PrintFirm uses electronic forms and keeps digital files. We do our part to make a better environment and a better planet.