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  • With plastic card printing from PrintFirm, you have the opportunity to give your clients something special when you hand out your business cards. There are several situations when handing out plastic cards is more beneficial than paper cards. Wealthy clients are often more impressed by plastic cards. Even potentially wealthy clients are worth impressing, such as entertainment figures looking for talent representation. Plastic cards are more durable and water resistant. Any business that has customers who frequently stay in a harsh environment would benefit from these cards. Examples would be an auto parts store that does business with people who work on vehicles. Automotive fluids can destroy a paper card quickly, whereas plastic is more likely to withstand immersion. A beach is another environment where plastic business cards are a better option.

    All of PrintFirm’s plastic cards are printed on quality 20-point plastic for enhanced durability. Our plastic cards have attractive rounded 1/8” radius corners for easy placement in a wallet without snagging. PrintFirm has three main options for plastic card printing. We have an opaque solid white card, a frosted card that is similar to a frosted window in appearance, and a clear card that allows light to pass through.

    You can design your own plastic card by uploading the graphic file to our website. We accept all the popular graphic design formats such as PDF, AI, and TIFF. If nobody in your organization has enough graphic design skill, you can select “custom design” when you place your order. Our team of talented graphic artists will create a unique design. You can still upload any company-specific graphics or text to our designers and they will incorporate those elements into the design.

    If you are using a vector design program such as Adobe illustrator, don’t forget to flatten transparencies before you upload the design to us for plastic card printing. Transparencies are shadows and other transparent objects. When a file with transparency problems is printed, it will be a messy disaster. PrintFirm can correct for transparency problems in some cases, but we cannot guarantee this and should not be held responsible if problems occur.

    PrintFirm recommends that you use images with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch) for plastic card printing. Lower resolutions may appear fine on your screen, but the printed result will be fuzzy or pixelated. Use caution when adapting images found online because they are typically low resolution. To check the DPI of an image, open it in your favorite graphic design program and view the file details.

    It’s not a good idea to clutter the design of your plastic business card. This will result in an unprofessional appearance. Leave enough whitespace (area without design) so that your card has a clean look. Using overly fancy fonts is not wise either. These are generally difficult to read. Moreover, two types of fonts is a more reasonable choice than including three of four font types.

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