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Direct Mail Services

Economy Postcard Mailing

Most Bank for Your Buck!

4" x 6" and 4.25" x 6"
First Class Rate of 30¢ each

Local & National
Direct Mail

Large Postcard Mailing

from 4"x 9" to 6" x 11"
First Class 46¢ ea.

Standard 32¢ ea.

Local & National
Direct Mail

Ready In 3-5 Business Days

Brochure Direct Mailing

from 8.5" x 11" to 11" x 17"
First Class 46¢ ea.

Standard 32¢ ea.

Local & National
Direct Mail

Ready In 3-5 Business Days

How to Order Mailing Services

Step 1
Select one of the above products. Each options has different sizes.
Step 2
From the printing service side menu select your size, quantity and color options, printing turnaround time.
Step 3
From the mailing service side menu enter number mailing pieces and select the postage type.
Step 4
Click on "Add to cart" to continue to next step
Step 5
Upload your files and select to receive a PDF proof before we print.(optional)
Step 6
Upload your mailing list in an excel format. see below for a vision demonstration of how your mailing list should look like.
Step 7
When at the shopping cart at a job name and proceed to shipping.
Step 8
After this step is Login, Shipping, Billing and Payment.

Need a print ready templates for mailing? Click Here

In order to avoid costly mistakes, make sure to download the correct template.

Mailing List Example

How to setup your mailing list for faster and better turnaround.

Want us to check your mailing list prior to printing your postcards mailing@printfirm.com

Printing Services

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