Establishing and maintaining a good relationship between law enforcement and the local communities they serve is an important aspect of the job for many police departments. Community outreach programs that inform citizens of the difficulties and duties that cops encounter and / or listening to concerns from local people can help to improve life for everyone involved.

There are a variety of different ways that law enforcement can Community Outreach for Law Enforcementreach out to surrounding communities. While the language and messaging approach may vary depending on where the outreach is occurring, custom printed promotional products can benefit any agency looking to improve the relationship with their community.  We’ve worked with a variety of government and law enforcement agencies to help promote their community outreach programs and spread their messages to surrounding communities.

Outdoor gatherings and BBQs are one of the most popular community outreach events that we see law enforcement agencies taking part in. Many advertise their events with custom printed flyers that include the location, time & date for people to attend. Guests will know that they’re in the right place when they see the large vinyl banner printed with the agency name and logo on it. The first goal is to make everyone feel welcome and at the event so that they are receptive to your message and outreach. But don’t stop there.

Neighborhood Youth Programs

Many law enforcement outreach programs focus on the neighborhood youth, because they will be the future of the community. Most kids aren’t going to be too interested in the event itself, but are looking to have fun with their friends and spend some time away from school. We’ve seen agencies get very creative with their promotional items for kids, including custom printed bookmarks to encourage reading.

Recently, there has been a number of Police Departments and Firefighters printing custom trading cards with their staff information included on the back. These can be great for both community outreach programs as well as everyday activity in the community when interacting with kids. What are your creative outreach ideas?

Working Together

Working together with the community day in and day out will help your agency or department to be as effective as it can be. Be sure to always carry your personalized business card as well so that residents and community members can keep your contact info close by when they need it most.

Published by Nick Artounian

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