Remax Agent Resource for Printed Promo Products

We recently highlighted some of our general real estate marketing materials, and received a great response from our readers asking for more specifics. Many of the readers who reached out are Remax Agents who were looking for printed promo products specific to their company. With over 100,000 agents, it’s no surprise that we heard from Remax representatives more than almost any other group!

Buying and selling real estate are among the biggest decisions that people have to make in their entire lives, so it’s extremely important that they trust their agent. Earning the trust of home buyers and sellers takes persistenceRemax Agent Print Products and time, but the payoffs are well worth the effort when the sale closes. Of course, it can be difficult for you to get face time with potential home buyers and sellers to establish this trust, but there are other ways that you can build your reputation without ever speaking to potential clients first.

You can establish that you are polite, friendly and trustworthy just by staying in front of real estate prospects who may be in the market to move. Some of the trust will inherently come with the Remax name, since they are one of the most well known real estate companies, but you will still need to establish yourself personally as an agent too. Let everyone in the community get to know a little about you by designing a flyer using our free templates, or creating Remax door hangers to grow awareness for your services. This is a great approach is you are just starting out or new to a neighborhood / community, but once you get to know the area, there are more targeted approaches you can try.

Turning Contacts into Real Estate Leads

Once you have established a base of contacts, it’s important to stay in touch so that you are the obvious real estate agent to choose when it’s time for them to buy or sell a home. You wouldn’t want to go back and leave more Remax branded flyers or door hangers on the home of someone who you already established a relationship with – you’re going to need a more targeted approach.

Personal mail is still one of the best promo tools for Real Estate Agents because it allows them to connect directly with their contacts – turning them into leads. In order to do this effectively, while continuing to build that trust will require printing business envelopes with the logo for Remax to start. Use a matching Remax letterhead design to give the appearance of being very professional and having that attention to detail that’s needed to guide real estate transactions.

Turning Leads into Sales

Leads are great. Sales are greater. You never know when someone is going to decide that they want to move, so always be ready by carrying your Remax business cards with you. PrintFirm offers branded Remax templates that you can use for free to design your business card online. With this approach, you’ll be selling more homes in no time. Make sure to follow up with your Remax thank you cards for buyers, sellers, escrow, lawyers and anyone else involved in the sale to make sure they keep you in mind for their next deal!