Drop Top, Pot Shop, Making Money in the Hot Box

One of the fastest growing industries in the country is also one of the most difficult to market. Most marketing for medical marijuana dispensaries, aka “Pot Shops,” needs to be executed without blatant advertising, which requires shop owners to be more creative with their promotion. Medical marijuana advertising regulations are different in almost every state, making it difficult for shops to franchise or cross over state lines. Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways to successfully market your business if you want to open a pot shop.

Just like any successful business venture, you need to be able to make potential customers aware of your products, location, and what separates you from the competition. Using your core customer base as a mouthpiece to introduce your shop to other potential patients will be your most powerful marketing tool – but what can you do to increase word of mouth referrals for your business?

Mix a classic approach with a new industry. Include two copies of your Pot shop business cardsmarijuana business cards with each purchase for customers to share with friends. Have a daily special or regular discount that you offer new customers? Be sure to include that on the business cards you print to entice new customers to check out the shop.

The Growing Medical Marijuana Industry

With changes to medical marijuana laws in most states – decriminalization and legalization in other areas, the industry is predicted to expand rapidly over the next decade. If you’re thinking about getting into this billion dollar industry, many experts would suggest that now is the time. It’s early enough where the business model has been proven, while the risk is just high enough to also offer potential rewards higher than in most industries.

While it takes time to grow a business from the ground up, focusing on strategic relationships, local growth, and hiring hard working employees will go a long way towards building your marijuana based business. Once you become established in the community or area, the possibilities are endless.

Aim for the Sky

Why stop with one shop? Why not have the best product and the best prices? Continued business growth should be your goal if you want to open a pot shop, we have another marketing tip to share to help you accomplish just that. Some marketing products have a longer lasting effect than others.

Print custom stickers for customers to take home with each purchase over a certain amount. These are likely to end up stuck to a glass pipe or around where they typically use your products. Staying top of mind to make your shop their go to marijuana dispensary and watch your sales grow month after month.