Reformatting Your Business Logo for Print

We’ve learned that there is no such thing as a perfect business logo. There are some great ones out there, but it’s rare to find a business logo that works in every format. Whether going from print to digital or digital to print, sizing, spacing & shape are all elements that could force you to reformat your business logo.

Reformatting your business logo for print can challenging, but once you have several different versions designed, you’ll have a group that you can use in almost any scenario. We recommend having a square, rectangle (horizontal / vertical) & circle version of your logo, with both standard, and large view formats.

The shape variations are easy to understand, but the view formats are a bit different. Here, we want to make sure that if your shaped logo is confined to a small print area, that the logo inside is still large enough to read / see. This may require that you isolate a single element or image from your full logo that best represents your brand for this alternate format.

Speed up the Process

Here at PrintFirm, we have the ability to turn orders around very quickly Company Logo Variationsfor our clients – we even offer same-day printing on some products. In many cases, actually printing is the fastest part of the entire order fulfillment process because. It’s the design and approval process that tend to take longer, which many people don’t factor into the printing speed.

Scenario: Your online based business just received an offer from a large client, but they need the contract to be sent via certified mail. Of course, you’re going to want to take advantage of our one day turnaround on full color letterhead printing to get the contract in the mail ASAP. Don’t get stuck redesigning a logo during crunch time – or that turnaround could be delayed.

Be Ready for Any Scenario

Maybe our scenario above doesn’t apply to your business – perhaps you already have reams of letterhead ready to go, but we’ve seen logo redesign for almost every product in our catalog. Companies often find that they need printed presentation folders for professional meetings with large format business logo on the cover to impress potential clients. Need help with your business logo redesign? Email Printfirm today and our design team will help you get started!