Turn Your School Play into a Professional Production

Putting together a school play can produce life long memories, friends and build a passion for the arts for students interested in theater. Planning every costume detail, creating set props from scratch and perfecting the lighting for the final scene are all essential to a successful opening night – but there is more that can be done off the stage to turn your school play into a professional production.

Nothing is worse than spending months memorizing lines only to perform in front of an empty house. Promoting the school play long in advance of your run of shows will help to increase attendance for your performances. Limited budget? We have you covered. Advertise with custom printed flyers that showcase the cast, time, date & location of your school play starting 30 to 60 days prior to the show to increase attendance.

Let’s be real. Everyone will say that they will come to see the play – but come show night, everyone seems to have other plans. You need to go beyond hanging up flyers around school and town if you want family and friends to avoid “forgetting” that your big show is coming up this weekend…

In Order to Get Into The Show, You Need…

A ticket! You can make your school play look and feel much more like a professional production by printing custom tickets with information specific to your event. Whether your sell tickets to the play or give them away for free, they’re likely to end up stuck to a fridge, or sitting on a desk – serving a constant reminder to your audience that the show is coming up.

Problem with people leaving early? Tickets can help solve that as well! Purchase perforated, numbered tickets that you can then use the stub of in a raffle during the intermission break. A give-away sponsored by a local business is a great way to bring the community together and promote the play at the same time.

Shine Before Show Time

Show night is here, the auditorium is filling up – it’s just likeShort run booklet printing play a Broadway play! Of course it is, because your Director and Staff took care of the short run booklet printing – putting the cast & characters names on high quality glossy paper to excite the crowd before the curtain goes up. The play schedule may only last a weekend or two, but your flyers, ticket stubs and play booklets will serve as great keepsakes for years to come.