Best Practices for Banner Design

By using the tips below, you’re likely to save money by avoiding having to print vinyl banners year after year for your business. We receive countless custom banner orders every year, and many of them are from repeat customers that really wouldn’t need to re-order if they planned correctly in their initial design.

Before we get into design specifics, let’s talk about the purpose of your banner. One thing that we have noticed is that many businesses use banners to showcase holiday sales, special offers, and new additions to their company.

This is one of the most common banner themes that we help our customers create, and there are a few simple “best practices” that they could use in their design to make them more effective.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

The most common mistake that we see customers make with their uploadedVinyl Banner Printing for Los Angeles Events designs is that they include TOO much information, making the banner cluttered, confusing, and often unreadable from a distance of more than 10 feet away.

If you’re hanging the banner in front of your business storefront, there is no need to waste space on the banner using a large logo / tagline that is already on your main company sign. This is a common mistake that companies make when designing their signs – you don’t need to include your company logo if the sign will hang below your company logo.

The second most common mistake that we see is customers that get too specific with dates. If your store has an annual Memorial Day Sale, you shouldn’t include the year. “Memorial Day 2017” isn’t going to work ever again, forcing you to reprint for the annual sale each and every year.

What To Do With Your Extra Marketing Budget?

We may have just saved you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars out of your marketing budget! Diversify your marketing by printing flyers for your business to advertise the same sale you have on your banner! PrintFirm is the best printing company online for all of your promotional marketing needs – great pricing, complete selection & excellent customer service. Place your order today!