How to Sell More Cars at a Dealership

Every dealership is looking for creative ways to sell more cars this year, but many will fail at the venture. The truth is, most car salesmen try too hard to attract brand new leads that simply aren’t in the market for a new vehicle. Putting more focus on quality leadsHow New Car Salesmen can Sell more Cars over the quantity of leads is the main mistake that car salesmen make when trying to sell more cars at a dealership.

Most people don’t have the means to purchase brand new cars, but it’s important for salesmen to keep their focus on the newest models. This means that once you identify a quality new car sale lead, you should spend most of your time, money & effort on converting that customer. Hundreds of low quality used car sales leads are likely to produce less than a handful of high probability new car buyers.

The reason that you can focus on new car sales is because the used car sales will come in time. Your name as a good car salesman with new cars will result in word-of-mouth and repeat buyers over the years – many of whom will come to you for a quick used car purchase when they are ready to buy.

Beating the Competition – Within the Same Dealership

Many car dealerships are run like public schools. Salesmen are the teachers, and often have to pay for lead generating expenses out of their own pocket if they want to thrive. Sure, the dealership may provide a cozy office & some basic literature on the vehicles on the lot, but salesmen have to think outside the box if they want to compete for top revenue generator at the company.

Creating unique business cards that stand out from the other’s at the same dealership is a great way to capture the attention of those top quality new car sales leads. Many new car shoppers will visit multiple dealerships before making their purchase – much of which is based off of their interaction with you, the salesperson. This small touch could be the reason why they decide to come back and buy the car with your dealership, rather than another.

Turning New Car Sales Into Used Car Sales

You just spent 3 weeks courting a potential new car buyer and they finally made the purchase yesterday. Great job. Let them drive off, enjoy the car for a month or so – and then send them a personalized thank you card. That gesture will go a long way towards making your the default salesmen for new AND used car sales for their family & friends. Each new car sale can lead to multiple used car sales that will be much quicker and easier because of the work you put in on the initial high quality leads