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Brochure printing is a tried and true method of local consumer outreach. This strategy isn’t right for every business, but restaurants in particular usually see great results from this marketing tactic. There’s no better way to reach customers in the neighborhood than through professionally designed direct mail menus with enticing coupons to reel them in. Still, all menus are not created equal; keeping your menu engaging can be a challenge with so much stiff competition.

Our hometown of Los Angeles is well known for its fine dining options and funky mom & pop eateries. The city’s reputation attracts tons of tourists, which may boost short term business. Unfortunately, businesses can’t survive on one time visitors alone. A well designed brochure menu attracts the holy grail of customers, the people who will become your loyal base. For that reason, you really want your menu to “pop.” The brochure version of your menu should be a scaled down version of your actual layout, but try to keep the two in synch for branding purposes. We searched around to find the most creative restaurant menus to inspire your next direct mail campaign. Without further ado, here are the top pics:

Best Restaurant Menus in LA

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We know there are tons of cool restaurant menus from spots across the country, and we would love for you to help us discover the cream of the crop. Restaurant owners: do you think your menu deserves recognition from our creative team? Email your suggestions to marketing AT Printfirm DOT com. Let us know what we’re missing!