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Custom Letterhead Design


Custom stationary isn’t just for the big guys any more. Small to medium sized business owners are integrating this valuable tool into their marketing strategies for a very simple reason: professionalism. Every business wants to appear competent in the public eye, and using fancy letterhead looks a lot better than stuffing a plain piece of paper into an ordinary envelope. Are you undecided about hopping on the bandwagon? We made a list of frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision on this investment.

Why Does My Business Need Stationary?


Although email and other forms of communication dominant client interaction, businesses should still consider company letterhead an important aspect of corporate branding. Whether you’re creating contracts, sending clients thank you notes, or addressing holiday greetings, custom stationary makes sure you never miss a branding opportunity. Smaller businesses get the added bonus of appearing larger than they really are. Branded letterhead signifies an established business presence.

What Should My Letterhead Include?


The actual letterhead design is something your in-house creative team or a graphic design firm will handle. If you don’t have anyone on hand or money for outsourcing, it’s possible to make your own materials for the time being. Your logo should definitely appear somewhere, although too many companies simply slap on a moniker and consider the project complete. The best stationary designs include logos and contact details, but present them in clever ways. Consider your target market, and ways to appeal to their preferences. As long as you stick with the principle of simplicity, your design will be distinct and effective.

How Much Does Stationary Printing Cost?


Stationary may be a bit of an indulgence, especially when you’re working under a tight budget. It’s hard to justify the expense when there are other things your business can’t live without. But letterhead printing prices aren’t as outrageous as you might think. For instance, our prices start at $75 for 1 & 2 color or $129.50 for full color letterhead. These packages will get you 250 pieces of high quality stationary. That will probably carry you pretty far, depending on how much you use snail mail. You can always save the fancy stuff for special occasions.

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