Months spent in the studio. Days dealing with booking agents & promoters planning your upcoming shows. As an artist, you want to put your best foot forward and make a great first impression everywhere you go. Before anyone buys your album or comes to your show, they’re probably going to see the cover of your CD. You need to make sure that you get it right.

High quality album art isn’t as prevalent as it once was with the expansion of digital music distribution – but real fans still want real packaging. Your band might not be printing as many CDs as you used to, but you know that your biggest fans will want a physical copy of your latest album when you come through their city on tour. Make sure you give them the best.

You have three primary options when it comes to CD covers – Booklets, Inserts and Sleeves. All 3 have their benefits and can be a great option for your newest record.

Booklets, Inserts or Sleeves

CD Booklets: Are you going the traditional route, with a full jewel case? You’re going to want a full CDExample of CD Booklet Printed by PrintFirm booklet to showcase cover art, with pages of additional artwork, lyrics and band information. CD Booklets will give your record a very official look and feel – a great choice for artists that print relatively small numbers of records.

CD Inserts: Want to provide your fans with a case that opens, but don’t need a full jewel case?CD Inserts Inserts print artwork directly on the cover of the packaging, with foldable opening options to hold your CD. The high quality printing looks and feels professional, while conserving space so that you can jam more into a box to throw in the back of the van.

CD Sleeves: Printing CD’s in bulk? CD sleeves are convenient, slim and provideCD Sleeve Printing high quality cover formats. Choose from glossy or matte finish to customize your cover with front and back design areas. These work great for giveaways and are perfect for throwing off the stage!

Don’t Stop Digital Though

CD booklets are still great for fans and concert attendees, but don’t give up on digital distribution. People need to be able to find your music online too if you want them to support you when you release new music or play a show in their town. You can even use PrintFirm to create a custom design for your album cover that you can then use online too! Get started today.

Published by Nick Artounian

I am the CEO of a successful online printing company in the Greater Los Angeles area. I enjoy professional networking with clients and members of the design community.