PrintFirm has been in business for over 20 years now. When first opened our doors in 1996 the Online Print Service Reviewsinternet was in it’s infant stages for most businesses – much different from how it’s used now. Customer reviews came in the form of local word of mouth referrals, and orders primarily came in over the phone. Now, most reviews of our printing service come online, along with the majority of our orders as well.

That doesn’t mean that we’ve changed our approach. We recognize that high quality products need to be compliment with high quality service, which is why we continue to put so much emphasis on our customer’s experience when ordering with us. PrintFirm values each customer more than each sale – we not only want you to come back and order again, but we want your to tell everyone you know about us too.

While the internet has certainly changed how our customers interact with us and with each other – it couldn’t be better for us! Our customers leave reviews of their experience with our online printing service all over the internet – you can find reviews for us on Facebook, Yelp and Google.

What Our Customers are Saying

Not trying to brag, but a lot of people have said very nice things about PrintFirm online. We want to share a few of our favorite customer quotes here with you…

“I have been using Print Firm for about 5 years now, and their service is the BEST!!  No matter how fast you need things done they will do their best to accommodate, the print quality is Excellent!” – Denise B.

“Website is easy to use. Templates always available. Great pricing, turnaround and excellent print results…always.” – Rob M.

“They are very helpful to the uninitiated and seem to solve any printing requests that one can think of. Their customer service is second to none” – Richard F.

We’re lucky enough to still have some of the same customers we had when we started doing business back in 1996 – and continue to do our best to improve our service even further in the future.

We Want to Hear From You

Nothing makes us feel better than hearing from happy customers. Even if you haven’t ordered online with PrintFirm yet, but have enjoyed our free print product templates or gotten a custom quote from us – let us know how we did! We’re always looking for feedback too – hope to hear from you soon!

Published by Nick Artounian

I am the CEO of a successful online printing company in the Greater Los Angeles area. I enjoy professional networking with clients and members of the design community.