Buying a graduation gift can be difficult. Trying to find that perfect gift for someone who is transitioning from one phase of life can make it difficult to find that perfect present. While you don’t necessarily want to buy a graduation gift that better fits the recipients “younger days,” it’s not easy to anticipate exactly what they will want or need moving forward either. Graduation gifts are among the most difficult to buy – but it’s not impossible.

We all know that kid from the block who was selling Lemonade starting at the age of 7, moved onto mowing lawns for cash at 10 and was banking every paycheck through their high school years. It’s pretty easy to spot a business minded student – and most times, those students end up continuing their business ventures after graduating as well.

But that doesn’t mean they know it all quite yet. Going from being praised as a young entrepreneur to the real world can be tough – not knowing what exactly the business world expects from you as an “adult.” Help them out – give custom printed promo products as graduation gifts to the business minded graduate this year.

For High School or College Graduations

It doesn’t really matter if the former student that you’re buying for is finishing High School or College, custom business cards make great gifts for graduations. Keep it simple – name, phone number, email address, city & state is all the information you really need to include. Not only will they use the gift, but giving them their first business card will also motivate them to nurture their business nature.

How many business cards should you print for the graduation gift? We’d only recommend printing between 50 and 200 – you don’t need to order in bulk to make a big impression here. And with PrintFirm’s low pricing on business cards, you can afford to do a bit more for the graduate as well…

Say “Congrats” in a Big Way

Along with your pocket sized gift of business cards, you can also say “Congrats” in a big way on Graduation Day with a vinyl banner! Bring it along to the graduation to stand out in the crowd, or save it for the graduation party with family and friends.

Published by Nick Artounian

I am the CEO of a successful online printing company in the Greater Los Angeles area. I enjoy professional networking with clients and members of the design community.