Yearbooks aren’t just for High School anymore. Company Yearbooks have become a popularCompany Yearbook Printing Services end of the year gift for employees, but many companies don’t even know where to begin when it comes to designing one. Any company can make their own yearbook – and we’re here to make it even easier.

If this is your first time designing a company yearbook, we recommend using templates that fit with our business booklet printing sizes. You can select the number of pages you need for your project, as well as paper type to make it feel more like a classic yearbook.

Before you actually start creating pages, you need to create an outline for the yearbook. Make sure to include Front & Back covers / introductions and pages for events or activities specific to your company. Many companies include fun yearbook themed pages like Superlatives to showcase a bit of the office environment too.

Everything You Need to Get Started

Once you have your dimensions selected, it’s time to choose a company yearbook template. PrintFirm offers templates for both covers and inside pages in a variety of formats (yes, we offer photoshop templates too) that you can customize to fit all of the different types of pages you will need.

Make sure to give your team more than enough time to design, edit and approve the company yearbook before you need it to be sent off to the printer. For most companies, 6 to 8 weeks (after collecting all of the content pieces) is enough to complete the project. From there, we can have them printed and shipped to you in as little as 3 business days. For standard shipping, plan on about a week.

Save Those Templates

If your company yearbook is a hit among employees, you should probably consider it again for the following year too. Make sure to keep your templates saved so that you can make the process even more efficient next year!

Published by Nick Artounian

I am the CEO of a successful online printing company in the Greater Los Angeles area. I enjoy professional networking with clients and members of the design community.