Measuring Business Card ROI

How much money is a business card worth to you? How much revenue can a business card generate for your company? These are tough questions to answer, but important ones to ask. Tracking, measuring and improving ROI from all business routes play a role in your company’s overall success. Not every dollar spent will produce two in return, but custom printed business cards tend to have a high ROI for low investment costs.

Measuring your business card ROI is almost always coupled with other business expenses. You don’t just go around handing out your business cards to everyone you see, right? In most cases, there are other costs – such as trade show admission, networking group fees, or advertising expenses that lead up to handing out that business card. The ROI from your business cards relies on other business investments to help you close the deal.

Of course, you will also need to factor in how many business cards to order, as PrintFirm offers discounted pricing on higher quantity orders for customers. The more per order, the less it costs to print per business card. In the end, you’re looking at a very low cost per each individual business card – but potentially very high ROI from each of them.

The Value of Sales vs. Customers

One commonly missed aspect of calculating any business ROI is the value of the customer How Many Business Cards to Printvs the value of the individual sale. A first time sale that comes as a result of personal contact and a business card exchange may only produce a modest ROI, but if you can turn that person into a long term customer, the value increases exponentially.

With so many different variables and low cost per individual business card, it can be difficult to really calculate an exact ROI for your business. Instead, these should be grouped into a category with other promotional print products, like flyers, branded envelopes and custom logo notepads. Used together, your products will compliment each other to reinforce branding with leads and existing customers.

Increasing Your Return Even Further

You aren’t the only one handing out business cards. Get creative with your design to stand out from competitors with square or velvet business cards. Yes, velvet. We offer a variety of business card options – and would be thrilled to have you as a new customer. Order online or contact us via phone today.

Published by Nick Artounian

I am the CEO of a successful online printing company in the Greater Los Angeles area. I enjoy professional networking with clients and members of the design community.