Using Direct Mail to Boost Sales Online

Most growing businesses are extremely careful with how they utilize their marketing budget – and rightfully so. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on marketing. And those dollars out don’t always produce dollars back in. This has lead many businesses to push the majority of their marketing spend online, where they can best track spend & ROI.

Unfortunately, putting too much – or even ALL of your focus into your online marketing leads to a slow decline in growth and revenue over time.

Yes, people are spending more time than ever online using their desktop computers during work hours and smartphones / tablets at night – but they still make their most important decisions offline. By getting in front of new customers and staying in touch with existing ones offline, you can actually boost your sales online.

Using direct mail to boost sales online can work in a variety of ways, depending on your industry and customers – but there are a few rules that ring true for every business out there that is already spending time and money in an online marketing program. Your SEO efforts, PPC accounts and email campaigns can go a lot further when given a boost by a direct mail marketing program.

Making a Bold Statement

Direct mail is an excellent way for local businesses to get ahead of the competition by introducing their products / services before a user searches for your type of company online. For example, local dentists will use direct mail to introduce their services to all new homebuyers in their area.

A bold headline, bullet pointed benefits & contact information on a direct mail postcard might notDirect Mail and Printing Postcards make the office phone ring off the hook, but you are likely to see an increase in website traffic. Further, your name becomes familiar – so when that person who is new to the area does go online to search for a local dentist, your organic or paid search results are likely to stand out to them.

Combining direct mail and online marketing efforts benefits both channels, and most importantly, your bottom line. New customers means new revenue, but that’s not the only way that direct mail can help increase sales online.

You Will Not Be Ignored

Do you stay in touch with your existing customers via email? Keep them up to date with new products, services & company news? If not, you should – but make sure that you use direct mail to make the most out of your email efforts.

Having a holiday sale? Send large postcards or mail brochures to the same list you are sending emails to if you want to increase open and click-through rates – and increase sales online. PrintFirm offers complete printing and direct mail services for savvy marketing clients looking to grow.