Convenient Printing Services for Las Vegas Conferences

Conferences can provide opportunities for your company to connect with potential customers and collaborators to accelerate your business growth exponentially. One or two great new clients or business partners could help you increase sales, visibility and inspire long term growth – these are opportunities you should not miss. Regardless of what industry you’re in, there is likely a conference in Las Vegas that specializes in your field – and you should be there too!

As much fun as Las Vegas can be for vacation, it can be very stressful for conferenceConvenient Printing for Las Vegas Conference attendees, presenters and sponsors there on business. Travel accommodations, hotel arrangements, meals, per diem for employees and packing business supplies are all integral details that cannot be overlooked. You can’t just stand in front of an empty booth at the conference, but bringing all of your promotional items along in the overhead bin probably isn’t an option either.

You really need a convenient printing service that specializes in Las Vegas conferences. Rather than trying to haul boxes upon boxes along with your luggage, you can order custom printed items online and have them delivered to the conference you are attending. Here’s how our clients currently plan their printing for conferences in Las Vegas…

Print Too Much

You can try to estimate how many business flyers you will hand out from your booth, or the number of business cards you will exchange with contacts over drinks – but being wrong could come at a huge price. Imagine finding out on day 2 of a 3 day conference that you’re all out of booklets – there simply is nothing that you can do about it at that point.

We’d much rather see our customers print 25% more than they expect to need of any product – and either ship, or carry the rest back home with them when leaving Las Vegas. In most cases, you can reuse the products at future conferences in Las Vegas or elsewhere.

Save Way More

No, we aren’t suggesting that you print “too much” because we want to drive up the cost – in fact, you’re likely to save more by printing larger quantities. PrintFirm has some of the lowest prices to begin with – and the more you print, the more you save. Get ready for your next conference by ordering promotional items online with PrintFirm and have them conveniently delivered to your hotel in Las Vegas right on time.

Mark it On You Calendar to Print More Calendars

The years seem to fly by in the business world. The annual end of the year holiday push gives way to a new year each January, and before you know it – it’s June! The year is half over, and you’re still trying to accomplish goals from Q1 when headed straight for Q3. It’s easy to get behind on projects, but some are so time sensitive that they need to be taken care of now or never.

For many office dwellers, work calendars drive much of our day-to-day business goals and Printing Custom Calendarsmonthly projects. On Monday you need to accomplish A, so that on Tuesday you can accomplish B, and so on. Without scheduling your work tasks on a calendar when the assignment comes in, it’s feasible that a few important items will fall through the cracks over the course of the year.

Knowing how important business calendars are to business people, calendar printing services can be one of the most useful tools for next year. When used as a give-away / promotional item, your business branded calendars are likely to sit on the desk – and be used by – your target customers all year round.

Pick a Date

We know that calendar printing can be extremely valuable for businesses, but many of our customers don’t remember to order them until it’s too late. Pick a date during the second half of the year to spend a few hours designing and ordering your custom calendars for the next. PrintFirm makes designing easy with adobe photoshop calendar templates that you can use to get started!

We offer both desk tent calendars as well as standard wall calendars with a variety of options so that you can customize your order to fit your needs. Many of our clients include calendars as a free “add on” gift with customer purchases, give them away to clients, or hand them out at trade shows. How will you use yours!?

Make it Last all Year

Let’s be real. There is no shortage of calendar’s out there, so it’s important that you get yours early. The sooner you can get your calendar on the desk or wall of your target audience, the more likely they will be to use it all next year. Imagine having your customers see your business name & logo to start each and every day at the office – your company will be top of mind each and every day! Now THAT is great marketing.

Are Business Cards Still Worth It?

Times have changed. Marketing practices, sales techniques, advertising mediums and channels have changed too. Business evolution has been essential for the past several hundred years – and while so much has changed, there are some constants as well. Take business cards for example. Some of the oldest date back to the 1670’s when they were called “Trade Cards,” andBusiness Cards Still Worth It they provided much of the same information contained on modern business cards today.

So when we get the question “Are business cards still worth it?” from customers, we like to remind them of all the different ways that business cards are worth it – and then some! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the latest and greatest marketing technology platform, but when it comes down to it, your leads and sales come from personal interaction.

That doesn’t mean that you should print 25,000 business cards and hand them to everyone that you pass on the street though. Business cards become “worth it” when you take the time to create a unique design that fits your brand and get them into the hands of the right people.

Who are the Right People?

Most people who you cross paths with have no reason to get your business card. Even many of your customers may not have any need for your personal contact information. The most important people that you can get your business card to are potential business partners.

This could mean a million dollar merger – or simply an enthusiastic client that has family & friends they want to share your info with. Your barber, dry cleaner, barista and neighbors probably don’t need your contact info on hand at all times, so save those business cards for contacts that count.

Finding the Right Card

Your card should reflect your brand’s image, which is why PrintFirm offers a variety of business card printing options so that you can customize & create the perfect card for you. Having trouble coming up with a design? No problem – our team can help you build a card from scratch. Don’t know how many to order? We can help you figure out how many business cards to order as well! Contact our helpful team to get started today!

Making Your ‘Going out of Business Sale’ Profitable

All good things must come to an end. Even in business. Whether it beGoing out of Business Sale increased competition, better technology or just changes in popular trends, millions of businesses this year will have to hold their own “Going out of Business Sale.” For most business owners, going out of business isn’t their proudest moment, but like any good businessperson – you need to find a way to turn a negative into a positive.

Just because you’ve decided to close up shop for good doesn’t mean that you have to take a big loss in the process. Many retailers are left with tens of thousands of dollars in unsold merchandise, but that doesn’t need to be the case. If planning to close your store within the next 30 days, you can offer deep discounts to customers on this unsold merchandise – while still making a profit!

Your pricing no longer has to account for next month’s rent or utilities, so you can offer discounts at the lowest prices during a Going out of Business sale. Of course, you still need to advertise so that customers will know about the amazing deals that you’re offering – the goal is to get all remaining merchandise off the shelves before you lock the doors for the last time.

Spend a Little, Make a Lot

We know that it can be difficult to justify spending money to advertise a “Going out of Business” sale, but if done right can end up being quite profitable. Let’s start with the basics. You’re going to need a vinyl banner to let everyone know that you’re going to be closing – after offering amazing discounts! Who else can offer “Up to 60% off!?”

If your company has been in business for a while, you’re likely to also have a mailing list of previous customers. This same list may have been used for previous holiday promotions or annual sales. Print a few thousand postcards online that highlight your ‘Going out of Business’ sale to mail to your list. Previous customers are likely to be your best shot at clearing out the warehouse before handing over the keys.

Your Next Business Venture

Once a businessperson, always a businessperson. While some ‘Going out of Business’ sales may lead to retirement, most business owners regroup and launch new ventures – sometimes even using the capital raised in that final sale! Don’t forget to come back to Printfirm for all your promotional printing needs when coming up with soft opening ideas for your next business.

2 Amazing Memorial Day Marketing Ideas You Forgot About

You know that it’s important for your business to capitalize on consumer sales holidays like Memorial day, but are sick of doing the same lame promotion every year. Every company seems to send “Memorial Day Emails” highlighting a promotion or sale, but they just get lost in the shuffle with the rest of the inbox messages. In order to get real value out of your Memorial Day marketing efforts, you’ll need to think outside the inbox.

We have 2 amazing memorial day marketing ideas to share with you, and they’re really quite simple. What do you think about when someone mentions “Memorial Day?” You probably think about outdoor gatherings with family & friends, grilled food and nice weather, right? So do your customers.

So rather than try to reach them via email on their day off from work, why not reach out and use Memorial day as an opportunity to market your business out in the community? Here are two amazing Memorial Day marketing ideas you forgot about…

Be a Good Host

Throw your own Memorial Day party this year, and every year to Amazing Memorial Day marketing ideascome. The “Company X Memorial Day BBQ” has the potential to become an annual tradition as long as you do it right. Make sure to send custom printed postcards with the date, time & location before your customers and community invitees make other plans!

There is no need to go over the top marketing your company at the party itself – everyone knows who the host is! Grill food, play games & have a good time. To stick with the playful theme, consider printing stickers with your business logo on them to hand out for free!

Support the Community

Don’t have the space or the time to throw your own Memorial Day party? That’s Ok too – someone else in the area is likely throwing their own, and you can be a part! Sponsor the event by supplying catered food or entertainment in exchange for the host allowing you to hang a vinyl banner with your company info on it during the party.

The other benefit with this approach, is that you can use the banner again and again. As long as your banner design doesn’t break any simple rules, you will be able to use it again at other events throughout the year as well. For example…

Save the Fireworks for July

The Fourth of July is your next big opportunity to take advantage of your consumer base having an extra day off of work – a time when they’re more likely to spend. You can use this same approach just over a month after Memorial Day on the 4th of July as well!

How to Sell More Cars at a Dealership

Every dealership is looking for creative ways to sell more cars this year, but many will fail at the venture. The truth is, most car salesmen try too hard to attract brand new leads that simply aren’t in the market for a new vehicle. Putting more focus on quality leadsHow New Car Salesmen can Sell more Cars over the quantity of leads is the main mistake that car salesmen make when trying to sell more cars at a dealership.

Most people don’t have the means to purchase brand new cars, but it’s important for salesmen to keep their focus on the newest models. This means that once you identify a quality new car sale lead, you should spend most of your time, money & effort on converting that customer. Hundreds of low quality used car sales leads are likely to produce less than a handful of high probability new car buyers.

The reason that you can focus on new car sales is because the used car sales will come in time. Your name as a good car salesman with new cars will result in word-of-mouth and repeat buyers over the years – many of whom will come to you for a quick used car purchase when they are ready to buy.

Beating the Competition – Within the Same Dealership

Many car dealerships are run like public schools. Salesmen are the teachers, and often have to pay for lead generating expenses out of their own pocket if they want to thrive. Sure, the dealership may provide a cozy office & some basic literature on the vehicles on the lot, but salesmen have to think outside the box if they want to compete for top revenue generator at the company.

Creating unique business cards that stand out from the other’s at the same dealership is a great way to capture the attention of those top quality new car sales leads. Many new car shoppers will visit multiple dealerships before making their purchase – much of which is based off of their interaction with you, the salesperson. This small touch could be the reason why they decide to come back and buy the car with your dealership, rather than another.

Turning New Car Sales Into Used Car Sales

You just spent 3 weeks courting a potential new car buyer and they finally made the purchase yesterday. Great job. Let them drive off, enjoy the car for a month or so – and then send them a personalized thank you card. That gesture will go a long way towards making your the default salesmen for new AND used car sales for their family & friends. Each new car sale can lead to multiple used car sales that will be much quicker and easier because of the work you put in on the initial high quality leads

Best Practices for Banner Design

By using the tips below, you’re likely to save money by avoiding having to print vinyl banners year after year for your business. We receive countless custom banner orders every year, and many of them are from repeat customers that really wouldn’t need to re-order if they planned correctly in their initial design.

Before we get into design specifics, let’s talk about the purpose of your banner. One thing that we have noticed is that many businesses use banners to showcase holiday sales, special offers, and new additions to their company.

This is one of the most common banner themes that we help our customers create, and there are a few simple “best practices” that they could use in their design to make them more effective.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

The most common mistake that we see customers make with their uploadedVinyl Banner Printing for Los Angeles Events designs is that they include TOO much information, making the banner cluttered, confusing, and often unreadable from a distance of more than 10 feet away.

If you’re hanging the banner in front of your business storefront, there is no need to waste space on the banner using a large logo / tagline that is already on your main company sign. This is a common mistake that companies make when designing their signs – you don’t need to include your company logo if the sign will hang below your company logo.

The second most common mistake that we see is customers that get too specific with dates. If your store has an annual Memorial Day Sale, you shouldn’t include the year. “Memorial Day 2017” isn’t going to work ever again, forcing you to reprint for the annual sale each and every year.

What To Do With Your Extra Marketing Budget?

We may have just saved you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars out of your marketing budget! Diversify your marketing by printing flyers for your business to advertise the same sale you have on your banner! PrintFirm is the best printing company online for all of your promotional marketing needs – great pricing, complete selection & excellent customer service. Place your order today!

3 Clever Ways to Ask for Donations at a Fundraising Event

Fundraising events can be an extremely important part of an organization’s annual revenueAsking for Donations at a Fundraising Event and marketing strategy – but they aren’t easy to pull off. It can take a lot of time, money and resources in order to raise more money that can then provide more resources down the line. Even the most charitable organizations have trouble raising funds and getting the right people out to their events, but getting them there is only half the battle.

The most important part of any fundraising event is… raising funds. You need to find ways to ask for donations at your fundraising event without being too pushy. An approach that is too aggressive is likely to hurt long term growth for the organization, as people who are turned off by being asked for donations are likely to never donate or return for future events. What you need is a more clever way to ask for donations at your fundraising event.

Asking for fundraising donations should start long before the event takes place. Your gathering isn’t a place for a free dinner and drinks – and everyone in attendance should know that the hor dourves are only to keep people there long enough to open their wallets. It’s true! So why not be up front and include donation instructions right on the printed tickets that you use for the event?

Not only are you likely to attract more serious donors, but you’re also likely to cut costs by avoiding attendees looking only for freebies. But getting them there is only step 1. We’ve got 2 other clever ways to ask for donations at fundraising events that many organizers miss.

Making it Easier for Attendees to Donate

Fundraising organizers often avoid asking for donations directly, which is counterproductive, and often leads to confusion for those with intentions to donate. Should you donate at the beginning or end of the event? How much is needed and expected? Where do you actually donate? What forms of payment do you accept?

Provide all of this information to attendees up front with custom printed postcards or within the event agenda information included in your fundraising booklets. Hand them out at the door, so that your attendees can read through instructions and information while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive.

Donate Here!

Once you have a few hundred people in the ballroom, it can be difficult for people to figure out exactly where to donate. Printing a custom banner that hangs high enough where all in attendance can see it that says “Donate Here!” will help to make sure that everyone knows exactly where they can make their contribution. Many fundraisers will print a separate banner for each “Station,” and use them annually to boost donations at their events.

How to Increase Leads for your Home Improvement Business

The difference of a few new leads and a few big jobs can make or break the bank for many home improvement businesses. Every lead counts, as each job could bring in a significant percentage of the business’s annual revenue since many contractors only take a handful of jobs per year. Traditional marketing efforts can be frustrating for home improvement contractors because most people aren’t currently in the market for remodeling or expansion – but that doesn’t mean you can stop mining for leads if you want your business to grow.

Of course, the most powerful marketing pieces you’ll ever create is the actual work you’ve done to improve or update client houses – and odds are that many of your new leads will come via referral from satisfied homeowners. Just hoping that your clients will refer you to friends and family isn’t enough though. Give them the ammo to easily refer your home improvement business by making sure they have copies of your business card to pass along when the time is right. Simple, yet effective – and often overlooked!

You can even customize those cards to incentivize the referral even more. Include a “5% Off Kitchen Remodeling” offer alongside your business name, contact information and other key details. Clients will be quicker to hand out cards with discounts to potential referrals because they feel like they’re helping a friend out. They might be – but they’re helping you out as well.

Speak For Your Customers

Your client’s potential referral reach only goes so far – friends,Home Improvement Contractor Marketing family, co-workers, etc. If a client let’s you know that they’re particularly satisfied with your work, why not ask them if you can put a custom printed yard sign in front of their house? This is an extremely effective way to get your business name, logo & information in front of potential leads that don’t personally know the homeowner.

By providing high quality work and craftsmanship along with these simple marketing ideas for your home improvement business, you can increase leads within your current area relatively quickly. You can customize your approach based on your specialty too. Specialize in kitchens? Print magnetic postcards for customers to stick to their refrigerator in that kitchen you improved!

Expand Your Network

Most contractors eventually need to expand to other neighborhoods and communities to continue expanding their home improvement business. You can canvas new target areas with printed door hangers that highlight your work to start expanding your network. Once your advertising generates leads and clients, you can use the same methods to generate referrals in this new area. Best of luck improving your home improvement business!

Last Minute Trade Show Planning

No matter how smoothly a trade show appears to run, there is always a scramble for last minute updates & changes for professional events. As a vendor, trade shows tend to sneak up on you – leaving much of planning to the last minute. Sometimes this is just because you have an extremely busy calendar, other times you may be getting a last minute discount on a trade show booth because the host hasn’t sold out all their inventory. Either way, last minute trade show planning can be done successfully – and you’ll be the only one who knows just how tight the schedule was.

Now, we have talked about attending a trade show without a booth, but in this scenario, we are going to assume you’ve secured an actual location at the event. The most Last Minute Trade Show Booth Planningimportant detail that you need to figure out is who will be manning the booth. Your people power is far more valuable than any other resource you could ever print, but that being said…

You’re going to need promo items for your business at the trade show, and you don’t have much time to spend on design since they need to go to print immediately. Printing roll up banners that have your company logo, tagline and key selling points will make you look professional – and can be ready for the trade show just in time! A well designed banner can grab the attention of potential trade show leads from across the hall!

A Potential Client Approaches the Booth

Great, they saw your banner, and decided to come over to your booth – to learn more about your company. You may have only found out about the trade show a week ago, but you can look like you’ve been prepared for months with high quality promotional material to share with potential clients. Custom catalog printing that highlights your products or services, and includes pictures can help make your trade show efforts even more effective.

Pro Tip: Catalogs don’t go bad. Print 2X the number that you think you need for this last minute trade show, so that you don’t have to scramble the next time one pops up in your area.

The Trade Show is Just the Beginning

Your trade show staff should be able to gauge the level of interest from potential clients at the booth. Make sure that quality leads leave with you company business card and contact information so that they can get back in touch after the trade show. Don’t worry, they’ll never know that you were planning up until the last minute before the show!