Prepress 101: From Fonts to Bleed

Guest post by Christine Alexander You’ve been slaving for hours to get that project design completed, and you’re just about ready to send it off to your printer. Just what is it that your print provider is looking for when they open up your files and prepare them for proofing and press? Sizing First and […]

What does print ready artwork mean?

Hello inkheads! Let me start off by wishing you a very happy June! Summer is my favorite time of year and luckily, PrintFirm’s celebrating the season with lots of exciting sales and promotions. I’m also planning a few more of those free print product giveaways you guys like so much. I don’t want to spoil […]

Solutions to CMYK Conversion Problems

Happy hump day, inkheads! Today’s regularly scheduled blog post about sexy summer flyers is going on the backburner by request of our operations manager, Alex. As much as I’d love to inspire your creative designs, Alex asked me to explain a very common printing issue that came up with a customer yesterday. The seasoned ink […]

When to Use Plain vs Rich Black

Hello inkheads! We all know print design projects have several pain points, especially when it comes to color matching. For instance, have you ever held your freshly printed piece in your hands and wondered, “Why the heck does the black stuff look grey???” After the initial shock dissipated, you probably questioned what the press operator […]

Unique Hip Hop Trading Cards for Music Marketing

Merchandise plays a big role in music marketing. Record companies print posters, t-shirts, and stickers to promote artists’ albums and concert tours. Independent musicians usually don’t have the cash for elaborate promotional campaigns, so they need to be sure they pick the right advertising tools that will appeal to their fan base. For my money, […]

6 Very Valuable Valentine’s Day Trading Card Ideas

Here at PrintFirm we love us some trading cards. We find this particular product attracts some of our most creative clients. Anyway, all this Valentine’s Day talk got me thinking about the little paper cards I passed out in elementary school. They were supposed to be mini greeting cards (I think). At least that’s what […]

Make Your Own Halloween Trading Cards for Dental Marketing

Parents, teachers, youth group leaders, and other community groups are always on the lookout for fun craft ideas, especially over the holidays. Adults may be interested for their own reasons as celebrations for grownups need decorations and party favors, too. Businesses also run lots of marketing campaigns in the 4th quarter to end the year […]