Flyer The Neighborhood

Business has been a little slower than normal and you’re looking for a boost in new clients, right? We thought so. Many businesses are able to drum up enough business in their local area just by flyering the neighborhood. A well designed business flyer can help to generate new business in your own backyard that […]

Confused about print marketing?

Welcome back inkheads—hope you enjoyed the loooong weekend over the 4th of July holiday! A week ago today, yours truly participated in a Social Media Day 2014 Facebook Q & A on the Social Solutions Collective page. We didn’t have a huge turnout. Nevertheless, one small biz owner posed a question that always seems to […]

Prepress 101: From Fonts to Bleed

Guest post by Christine Alexander You’ve been slaving for hours to get that project design completed, and you’re just about ready to send it off to your printer. Just what is it that your print provider is looking for when they open up your files and prepare them for proofing and press? Sizing First and […]

Print Media You See Every Day

Image source: Fellow inkheads, I’ve noticed that the general public, especially folks who work in online marketing, cast a very narrow view of print. They seem to view our dynamic industry through biased blinders that cause them to reach false conclusions about print’s future. Surely some of these folks deliberately downplay print’s value, yet I […]

What does print ready artwork mean?

Hello inkheads! Let me start off by wishing you a very happy June! Summer is my favorite time of year and luckily, PrintFirm’s celebrating the season with lots of exciting sales and promotions. I’m also planning a few more of those free print product giveaways you guys like so much. I don’t want to spoil […]

Freebie Flyer Templates: 6 Sweet Adobe Downloads

Happy Tuesday inkheads! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend. Now that Memorial Day is behind us, it’s time to focus on your mid-year marketing campaigns. Great weather means all kinds of exciting events from backyard BBQs to music festivals. Of course, no business sale or community event would be complete without promotional flyers […]

When to Use Plain vs Rich Black

Hello inkheads! We all know print design projects have several pain points, especially when it comes to color matching. For instance, have you ever held your freshly printed piece in your hands and wondered, “Why the heck does the black stuff look grey???” After the initial shock dissipated, you probably questioned what the press operator […]

How to Sweet Talk Singles on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is for lovers, right? So most of your Februrary marketing strategy is geared towards couples, kids, and gift ideas for relatives. Targeting these groups will certainly boost your sales, but don’t neglect the swinging singles! The old stereotype about being lonely without cupid’s arrow in your life absolutely applies today. While some folks […]

Create a Killer Marketing Strategy by Combining Print and Social Media

Guest Post by Megan Pritts, SEO and Social Media Strategist We are all aware of the benefits of using social media for marketing. That’s why so many companies are using it. But what would happen if you combined social media and print into one killer marketing strategy? Message Print If you do it right, print […]

7 Things Not to Say to Your Printer Part 3: I Don’t Need a Graphic Designer

Hello and welcome to the 3rd installment of our educational series on commercial printing! If you have questions about image resolution or colors, you might want to backtrack and read the prior posts first. Today’s post will be a bit different because we’re going to discuss an important business investment you may be neglecting—professional graphic […]