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Campaign Yard Signs

Winning an election takes a lot work, especially at the grass roots level. Of all the different kinds of promotional materials you can use to spread the word, which ones will be the most effective? Highly publicized races often attract a lot of media attention, which brings in donations that pay for adverting. For smaller contests and local elections, public interest probably won't bring in tons of funds for advertising purposes. That's where cheap campaign yard signs come in handy. They're simple, inexpensive, and you don't have to worry about pleasing a wide variety of supporters with a single t-shirt design. You can sell them to voters as a way to raise money, or give them away to your most loyal followers. Either way, you'll get much better ROI when you choose yard sign printing instead of apparel.

How much will a campaign yard sign cost?

Our custom yard signs are very affordable; they start at just $20 each for 12" x 18" signs! For that price, you get a full color large format print on durable glossy plastic. Of course, these signs are water resistant, so they'll survive winter snow or a summer heat wave. If you need your signs in a hurry, you can opt for next day printing for about $15 more per piece.

Candidate Yard Sign Sizes

Size always makes a big difference when it comes to printing costs. Obviously, bigger signs will eat up more of your budget. That said, it's best to order yard signs in multiple sizes to give donors options. After all, they will be putting the sign in front of their home or office. They should be able to pick between the following sizes: small 12" x 18", medium 12" x 24", or large 18" x 24".

Free Templates for Political Yard Signs

You'll find tons of helpful graphic templates online to speed up the design process, but don't forget to download our free yard sign printing templates in PSD, AI, and PDF formats. Your campaign can't afford to make mistakes, and our templates minimize errors by clearly showing the safe zone, trim line, and bleed area. Plus the files are already formatted for printing in CMYK color mode at 300 dpi.

Yard Sign Printing
Campaign Yard Signs
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