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Cheap Notepad Printing for Teachers


Elementary and middle school teachers often use notepads as part of their lesson plans. Paper always comes in handy when you have a classroom full of kids to attend to. Jotting down quick thoughts and reminders is a lot easier than trying to type things out. Of course, teachers rarely have enough funds available to buy personalized stationery, which is why cheap notepad printing really comes in handy. Although educators can print their own pads for themselves, there are lots of other fun, creative things to do with customized writing materials.

Ways to Use Custom Notepads in the Classroom

Class art project – Kids love drawing and writing their lessons on paper, so why not let the kids make their own notepads? Teachers can have their students design stationary individually, or use the project for a class art competition. Let the kids vote on the best artwork for their grade or even the whole school! Imagine the winning chid's face when he or she holds the creation up for everyone to admire!

Back to School Night Present for Parents – Moms and dads only stop by once a year, unless they have to deal with disciplinary matters. These days, most parents probably arrive without any paper because they're so dependent on their Smartphones. Do them a favor by printing notepads to welcome them to the conference. Be sure to include your contact info in the design for easy reference.

End of the Year Gifts – Many teachers bond with their students over the school year, and give the kids parting gifts to remember them by. Full color notepads aren't just cute throwaway items, though. Stationery sends a positive message that reading and writing are still important over summer vacation.

Reward Scholastic Success – Your school probably provides incentives for student achievement, such as student of the month awards or honor roll certificates. Make your star students proud by printing special notepads just for them. Personalized stationary may inspire kids when they're facing tough challenges, i.e. memorizing multiplication tables or learning to write in cursive. Let them know they'll get a cool notepad when they learn a new skill.  

Custom Notepad Printing to Promote Your School

Much like businesses, schools need to promote their presence to maintain a good reputation in the community. Private schools, preschools, and charter schools usually hold fundraisers to pay for class trips, after school clubs, and sports equipment. Make notepads with your school's logo to raise money or just increase awareness to boost student enrollment.

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