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Letterhead Sizes

Customizing the Perfect Letterhead

If you are not familiar with the concept of a letterhead, it is used on business stationary and letters to give off the air of professionalism. A letterhead usually contains the company name and logo, and sometimes it has the contact information of the company, too (address and email as well as telephone and fax numbers). It is usually a different color than the rest of the paper and is meant to stand out. Businesses aren't the only ones who use letterheads, though- medical practices often use them, too. Basically, anyone who wants to look professional with their physical papers will use letterheads.

The Importance of the Letterhead

As previously mentioned, a letterhead is all about professionalism. If you want people to take you and your business seriously, you will create an attractive letterhead that gives off all the appropriate information while remaining aesthetically pleasing. You will also use customized envelopes to signify your legitimacy and seriousness about your business. Our printing company can help you with both.

Sketching Out the Letterhead

Before you can start printing paper with your letterhead on it, you have to sketch out roughly how you want the letterhead to look. Take a piece of ordinary paper and first decide on the size of your letterhead- keep in mind that not all printing companies will be able to create every letterhead size, so you can contact our online printing company for a custom quote if you do not see the size you want listed on our website. You don't want the letterhead to be too big, but you also don't want it to be too small. Map out with a pencil where you want your logo and company name to be, as well as any other information. Some companies like to also add their taglines under the company name.

Ensuring that Your Letterhead is the Right Size

After you have a rough idea of how you want your letterhead to look, you should be ready to move forward with your print project. What you are looking for is information about letter head sizes. We offer 1 & 2 color letterhead in sizes 8.5" x 11" as well as full color letterhead in sizes 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14". You probably recognize 8.5 x 11 as standard paper size; 8.5" x 11" is standard legal size.

Business Letterhead
Custom Corporate Letterhead
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Full Color Letterheads

Full Color Letterheads

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